THIS IS SERIOUS: Border Patrol Agent Was Recently Killed By Rock Throwers In Ambush, Say Fellow Border Agents, Despite FBI Report

As Americans everywhere advocate for peace in the handling of the migrant caravan, it is important to remember that some Democrats are implicitly encouraging rock throwing against U.S. government border forces — which could prompt gunfire from the United States military.

No one in this situation should be advocating for rock throwing!

A Border Patrol agent was recently killed by rock throwers according to his own union. The FBI’s inconclusive report leaves the case unsolved, with many border agents shocked and horrified that the FBI did not officially find evidence that Rogelio Martinez was ambushed and killed.


BLP reported:

Dead Texas Border Patrol agent Rogelio Martinez was killed in an ambush attack with rocks, according to his union. But the FBI said it found no conclusive evidence for murder, and the case remains unsolved.

The President Trump administration continues to call for peace and said they have no plans to use firearms against the migrant caravan at this time.

The FBI Most Wanted List lists “Potential Assault On A Federal Officer” as the cause of Rogelio Martinez’s death.

The Washington Post reported:

Brandon Judd, president of the labor union, said Agent Rogelio Martinez died Sunday of blunt force trauma to the head.

“I have been told by several agents that it was a grisly scene, and that his injuries were very extensive,” Judd said Monday in a phone interview with The Washington Post. “We believe he was struck in the head with rocks, or multiple rocks.”

Washington Post passage ends

Neil McCabe reported for Big League Politics in November 2

President Donald J. Trump promised in a Sunday Tweet to hunt down anyone responsible for the early morning attack that day that killed Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez and injured another agent along the Mexican border near the Big Bend National Park.

“Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt,” the president Tweeted. “We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!”

The wall along the border was one of the most popular campaign promise Trump made during his run for the White House.

The Big Bend National Park abuts the Mexican town of Boquillas and there is an official crossing port of entry for park visitors crossing the border into and back from the town.

Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico seen from the Rio Grande Village Nature Trail. (NPS Photo by Cookie Ballou)

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke Sunday said Martinez was killed on patrol.

“Earlier this morning, I was notified that Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez died as a result of serious injuries suffered while on patrol in the Big Bend Sector of our southern border in Texas. Agent Martinez was responding to activity while on patrol with another agent, who was also seriously injured,” he said.

“We are fully supporting the ongoing investigation to determine the cause of this tragic event,” he said. “On behalf of the quarter of a million frontline officers and agents of DHS, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Agent Martinez and to the agent who is in serious condition.”

BLP passage ends

Newser reported:

The FBI says it has conducted more than 650 interviews and found no evidence that Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez’s fatal injuries were caused by an attack, despite his union’s insistence that he was murdered. After an autopsy released Tuesday stated that Martinez died from blunt-force trauma from an undetermined cause, the FBI said it had investigated several theories, but none of the interviews, “locations searched, or evidence collected and analyzed have produced evidence that would support the existence of a scuffle, altercation, or attack,” reports the Los Angeles Times. Martinez and fellow agent Stephen Garland, who survived, were found in a 9-foot-deep culvert next to Interstate 10 in the Big Bend Sector of Texas Nov. 18 with head injuries and broken bones.

According to an internal US Customs and Border Protection memo seen by CNN, neither man had defensive wounds, the only footprints found at the scene belonged to the agents and first responders, and “there was no third-party blood or DNA evidence from the scene or from the agents’ clothing.” The memo also states that Garland has trouble remembering the incident, which occurred late at night. The FBI says Garland told a dispatcher at the time that they were both hurt and he thought they “ran into a culvert.” The local sheriff has said he thinks the men may have been sideswiped by a truck. Department of Justice sources tell CNN that theories being investigated include an attack, an accident, or an altercation between the agents. The incident led President Trump to renew his calls for a border wall.

The Daily Mail reports, from 2017:

Authorities were searching Texas’ Big Bend area for suspects and witnesses Monday after US Customs and Border Protection agent Rogelio Martinez was allegedly beaten to death with a rock while on patrol.

According to officials, Martinez, 36, and his Big Bend Sector partner were responding to activity near Interstate 10, in the Van Horn Station area on Sunday, when both suffered serious injuries.

Responding agents provided immediate medical care and transported both agents to a local hospital, where Martinez later died from his wounds.

His partner, who has not been named, remains in the local hospital in serious condition.

Martinez had been a border agent since August 2013 and was from El Paso. According to social media posts, he is survived by his fiancee.

Border Patrol spokesmen said they could not provide any details on what caused the agent’s injuries or what led to them, but a National Border Patrol Council official told KTSM the assailants were ‘undocumented immigrants’ who used likely used rocks to beat the agents.

‘We strongly believe rocks were what was used,’ NBPC Vice President Art Del Cueto told the station.

The FBI has taken over the investigation into the fatal incident near the US-Mexico border. An agency official from the El Paso office confirmed that Martinez and his partner ‘were not fired upon.’

On Sunday, President Donald Trump seized upon the news of the ambush to push his controversial Mexico wall plans.


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