Three Illegal MS-13 Members Allegedly Stab Teen on Long Island

Three illegal aliens, all members of the vicious El Salvadoran gang MS-13, stabbed a 16-year-old near his high school at a Burger King on Long Island, New York.

“The 16-year-old victim told police he was at the fast-food restaurant with friends when six of his classmates from Huntington High School entered and began staring at them menacingly,” according to WABC.

The teen left the restaurant only to be followed by the gang members, who attacked him in the parking lot, stabbing the victim repeatedly.

Ramon Arevalo Lopez, a 19-year-old illegal alien, allegedly perpetrated the crime with two of his friends, also illegals.

“Lopez and two other suspects, 20-year-old Nobeli Montes Zuniga and 17-year-old Oscar Canales Molina, were charged with second-degree assault,” the report said.

Police reportedly caught up with the suspects only a few minutes after the attack, and found the attackers with blood on their hands and clothes. Molina had two knives on his person, one in each sock.

The victim was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Perfectly highlighting America’s broken immigration system, all three members of the violent gang were illegally residing in the United States, and two of them were previously known to authorities.

Lopez crossed the border illegally in 2016. He was taken into the custody of the Department of Homeland Security in 2017, only to be released by a federal district judge later that year.

Both Zuniga and Molina entered the United States as “unaccompanied minors.” Molina, too, had been taken into DHS custody in 2017, only to be released.

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