Thugs Completely Trash Catholic Churches in Chile

The Church Militant reported that rioters looted a church and burned all of its contents on the street in Santiago, Chile last Friday.

Thugs masquerading as protestors stormed La Asuncion Church and stole pews and chairs to form a burning barricade. They also forcefully took statues and images of Jesus from the church in addition to statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and threw them into the fire.

Similarly, the shrine of María Auxiliadora in Talca, Chile was vandalized last night in a series of attacks.

The shrine was completely ransacked and benches were used as barricades to later be set ablaze.

A Twitter user provided lurid imagery of this incident.

These attacks are taking place while the country is engulfed in a series of wide-scale protests that were allegedly in response to Chile’s rising income inequality, low wages, and high cost of living. However, these protests are a larger sign of the growing resentment festering among the Chilean Left who have become more radicalized over the years.

During the last 40 years, Chile has served as an example for Latin America to follow thanks to its rational market-based policies. Its dedication to a market-based economy has placed it in stark contrast to countries like Venezuela in the present.

Just like their counterparts in the First World, the Chilean Left never rests and they don’t let an opportunity go to waste.

They will stop at nothing to achieve political control, regardless of the social damage they cause.



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