TikTok Censors Video of Conservative Influencer Defending Kyle Rittenhouse

The Chinese-founded social media giant TikTok has censored a video of conservative influencer Brad Polumbo defending the rights of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who is a free man after being acquitted and exonerated in his murder trial on Friday.

Polumbo wrote an op/ed in the Washington Examiner explaining how his video was censored by TikTok for making the argument that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense when he shot three men, killing two of them, in the midst of a Kenosha, Wisc. riot last year.

TikTok said the following video posted by Polumbo violated their “harassment and bullying” policies:

The points made by Polumbo in the video are as follows:

Hakeem Jeffries, a progressive congressman, literally tweeted while the trial was still going on: ‘Lock up Kyle Rittenhouse and throw away the key.’ And he’s the same guy that rails against mass incarceration — and I agree with him sometimes — but now, before the trial was even over, they were calling for this guy to be locked up and throw away the key … like they’ve already reached their conclusion. And they lied about it being a ‘white supremacy’ thing when it’s a white dude that shot other white people. 

You don’t have to either think that he’s a hero who did everything right and made amazing decisions or he’s an evil white supremacist who should go to jail. The truth is, I would never let my teenager go to a riot zone with a weapon — that was a bad decision to make — but in the moment, he defended himself. He wasn’t some mass shooter white supremacist, and he should be acquitted.”

Polumbo noted that TikTok does not apply the same standards to left-wing content, which is given a free pass even as influencers advocate violence and extremism on the platform.

“This discrepancy is made particularly glaring by the extreme left-wing content routinely allowed on the platform. As I cover in my TikTok reaction series for Rightly on YouTube, viral TikToks are allowed to joke about violence against conservatives and even (satirically, I hope?) advocate for the cannibalization of rich people . I’m not even saying these videos should be censored — but to allow this content to circulate while taking down legitimate conservative arguments in the name of “harassment and bullying” is inconsistent and hypocritical,” Polumbo wrote.

“Still, at the end of the day, taking down one TikTok is hardly the end of the world. But this frustrating affair is part of Big Tech’s broader trend of silencing and suppressing right-of-center arguments on pressing political issues — and in that, it’s concerning indeed,” he added.

Even though Polumbo is frustrated by TikTok’s tech censorship, he still claims that the government should do absolutely nothing to protect free speech and stop these hostile business practices. This is the laissez faire suicide pact that allows Big Tech to crush the Bill of Rights.

TikTok and other tech monopolies must be broken up under antitrust, have their Section 230 privileges revoked, be regulated as utilities, or otherwise be stopped before the Orwellian Nightmare becomes inescapable.

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