Tommy Robinson Considering Run for Parliament

British free speech activist Tommy Robinson is considering a run for parliament – in either Britain or Brussels – according to a Tuesday Breitbart report.

“If anyone in this country wants to really rock the boat put me in there [Parliament] because I won’t lie and I won’t hold back!” he reportedly told James Dellingpole.

According Dellingpole, if Brexit fails, Robinson plans to run to become a Member of European Parliament – the European Union’s parliament. Otherwise, he is considering a run for British Parliament in Westminster, Britain.

However, the report noted that Robinson could face more jail time, as Attorney General Geoffrey Cox said it would be “in the public interest” to prosecute Robinson further for “contempt of court.” The British tyrants, who threw Robinson in jail for simply filming on the street, apparently want to silence him again. He has exposed the ills of mass migration of radical Islamists – considered a grave sin by the politically correct police in Mother England. He was imprisoned for 13 months, mostly in solitary confinement for his own protection, after exposing a gang of radical Islamists who were on trial for grooming young girls.

Two weeks ago, he exposed state-run BBC for attempting to smear him with lies in a mini-documentary, publicly humiliating the network and one of its sleazy “reporters.”

“Our culture, our identity, our future is really in danger,” Robinson said. “Not just in Europe but across the entire West. “We can be cowards or we can speak honestly. I know I’m on the right side of history.”

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