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Tommy Tuberville’s Top Aide Exposed for His Anti-Trump Comments



Last weekend, Ryan Girdusky conservative journalist posted a series of tweets that highlighted Rob Jesmer’s anti-Trump tweets.

Jesmer is the leading consultant for Alabama Senate candidate Tommy Tuberville’s campaign.

John Binder of Breitbart News noted that Jesmer was “Zuckerberg’s chief GOP aide for, the billionaire’s cheap labor lobbying group that advocates giving amnesty to illegal aliens, as well as allowing Silicon Valley tech giants to have an unlimited supply of white-collar foreign workers.”

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On May 24, 2020, Ryan Girdusky gave America First supporters a reminder about why Tuberville and the team around him should be viewed with skepticism:

Jesmer, a Managing Partner at FP1 Strategies, posted a piece by Never Trump commentator George Will entitledIf Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House.”


Girdusky also tweeted, “Nothing to see here… just Tommy Tuberville’s top campaign aide RTing that @realDonaldTrump was a shill for Putin. #Russiagate #VoteSessions.”


In another tweet, Girdusky tweeted, “Tommy (pro-amnesty, pro-mass immigration, pro-China) Tuberville’s top consultant said @realDonaldTrump was destroy the GOP. #VoteSessions

In April 3, 2016, Rachel Martin, the co-host of NPR’s Up First, tweetedGOP pol operative @jrjesmer says Trump @ top of ticket is a disaster for the rest of the GOP ticket. ‘We’re going to get what we deserve.”

Girdusky left a compilation of tweets from Jesmer that showed off his previous anti-Trump beliefs.

He tweeted, “Wow it never ends… Tommy Tuberville’s campaign is filled with Never Trumpers and Mark Zuckerberg’s open border advocates. Tuberville’s bringing ppl who hate @realDonaldTrump to Washington. More #DeepState. #VoteSessions

A man is defined by the company he keeps, especially in politics where personnel often leads to policy decisions.
No matter what Tuberville says about America First platitudes, the team he has assembled has rightfully concerned America First champions.
For that reason, Jeff Sessions is the only candidate that Alabamian voters should pull the lever for in Alabama’s primary elections.
Session’s track record as an immigration patriot speaks for itself.


University Student Who Dared Question the LGBT Agenda is Now Facing the Threat of Losing his Scholarship



Defy the LGBT agenda at your own peril.

A Villanova University student claims that her academic advisor is attempting to intimidate her for tweets that criticized the university’s promotion of Pride Month.

Melanie Didioti, a graduate student at Villanova University, criticized the school’s athletic department for its Pride Month tweet on June 22, 2020. The tweet stated, “Love is Love. Happy #PrideMonth – We are proud to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ Community.”

Didioti responded with a tweet: “Villanova is proud to be an ally of the LGBTQ community and ashamed to be Catholic so I’m ashamed to attend here and that’s that.”

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She claimed that this tweet resulted in her having a tense meeting with her academic advisor in the theology department, Professor Jennifer Jackson, on June 26.

Initially, Jackson claimed that the meeting was only about the fall 2020 schedule, per emails that The College Fix was able to require.

Instead, Didioti asserted that Jackson took advantage of the meeting to blast her tweets.

Didioti concluded that this interaction was the final “nail in the coffin,” and she now has plans to transfer to the Franciscan University of Steubenville, which is more conservative.

Universities in America have become leftist think tanks that do not promote free speech, nor allow people to hold provocative views.

Most conservatives are probably better off skipping class and learning trades.

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