Top Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse Whistle-Blower Calls It Quits: ‘I Can’t Do It Anymore’

Philip Lawler, editor of Catholic World News, has covered Catholic Church child sex abuses for 25 years as the problem has worsened . He is retiring after decades of heartache that he can no longer bear.

“The daily dealing with appalling ugliness — week after week, month after month — has taken a heavy toll: on my health, on my family, on my spiritual life,” he wrote in an commentary article on

While Lawler will remain active in the Catholic Church, he will no longer be as hands on going through the gritty details of the seemingly limitless cases of abuse. He says more intrepid individuals have joined the fight to expose this corruption, so his legacy will live on, but he has seen enough soul-crushing despair for one lifetime.

Lawler wrote “The Gay Priest Problem” in 2000 to expose the infiltration of the LGBT agenda into Catholicism. He was hit with a libel suit that was later dismissed for exposing treatment centers that supposedly rehabilitated predatory priests, giving them license to go back into the priesthood. He was also the first reporter in Boston to call for the late Cardinal Bernard Law, who shielded many abusers from justice, to resign.

“I have learned an enormous amount, and I’m sorry to say that more often than not, what I have learned has been discouraging,” Lawler wrote.

“I have always known more than I have revealed. Many dark secrets will die with me,” he added.

Lawyer claims that what is happening is worse than most can imagine, with systemic corruption at every level. He believes that Satan is pleased at the current tattered state of the Catholic Church.

“In an era when the Western world is beset by perverse sexuality and contempt for human dignity, Satan must surely be reveling in the righteous indignation that drowns out the voice of the Church,” he wrote.

Although he believes it is good news that Catholic Church child sex abuse scandals are regularly in the news and widely understood, Lawler contends that the Church cannot be reformed until Bishops more concerned with protecting their positions and the prestige of the Church than the safety of children are removed, and widespread LGBT infiltration of the Church is rooted out.

The embattled warrior for Christ closed his article with a call to arms for all Catholic officials out there of sound mind and conscience who care about their faith.

“Your eminences, your excellencies: Wake up! Rome is burning; stop fiddling. You are not facing a simple problem but a full-blown crisis; not a temporary setback but a thorough rout,” he exclaimed.

“You are facing unprecedented losses for the Church: loss of believers, loss of institutions, loss of our Catholic patrimony, loss of souls. You can no longer proceed on the assumption that what you do this year will be pretty much like what you did last year. If you do, you will fail in your sacred duty,” Lawler wrote.

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