‘TOTAL PANIC!’ Democrat Talking Heads Desperate to Find Someone Who Can Beat Trump Despite Bernie’s Victory in Nevada

With the Nevada caucuses underway on Saturday, February 22, 2020, the mainstream media is growing desperate to find a candidate that can beat President Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders came out victorious at the polls, but the Democrat establishment does not recognize his results.

For the neoliberal elites at outlets like MSNBC, a Sanders victory is a nightmare.

On MSNBC’s live coverage of the Nevada caucus, MSNBC news host Chris Matthews was freaking out about Democrats’ prospects against Donald Trump.

Matthews said, “’Is there somebody not running that should be? I get a feeling this race lacks somebody…I know so many people just don’t have a candidate’ “People just feel confused. They just want some answers…who is actually going to be able to beat Trump.” None of them!

Since they the establishment Democrats don’t want Bernie to win, they’re desperate to find some candidate who will put them over the top.

GOP National spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington commented on Twitter, “Total panic!”

She then said, “None of them!” in response to Matthews question about which candidate could beat Trump.

Democrat leadership are clearly desperate and are coming to the realization that Donald Trump will be re-elected to a second term.

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