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TPUSA Founder Charlie Kirk Wants 50 Million More Immigrants in Next Decade to Fill Up America

Kirk advocates for dangerous immigration policies.



Explosive new audio has emerged of Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk advocating for an incredible 50 million new immigrants to be dumped into the United States.

Kirk strongly rejects “America First” arguments that the nation is full and quality jobs and wages must be protected for native U.S. citizens. He wants unprecedented levels of mass immigration to help boost corporate profits and GDP numbers.

“I encourage all of you to fly non-stop from New York to San Francisco with your window open, you’re not allowed to sleep, and tell me that we have too many people in this country,” Kirk said, after prefacing his remarks by saying he knew his argument would sound “silly.”

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After claiming that America has too much land, Kirk made his argument in favor of mass immigration at record numbers.

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“The United States of America is an incubator for great ideas. I think we could take another 50 million highly-qualified people in the next ten years and not even feel the hit,” he said.

Kirk then started to kiss up to immigrant communities that overwhelmingly vote Democrat after they become U.S. citizens.

“I’ve been to Dayton, Ohio where they have a highly-functional immigrant community from Armenia, and some are Muslim, and some are Christian… I see that as a great success story that could happen all over the country,” Kirk said.

“I was just in New York. When you walk the streets of New York and you really feel the spirit, you feel the energy, and you see the shops, and you see the entrepreneurs, that’s the market at best,” he added, talking up the infamously liberal metropolis that is besieged with crime under far-left rule.

Kirk explained that he wants legal mass immigration but considers illegal mass immigration to be the bane of society.

“If you have more people who are all going to bring money with them – or, even better – bring skills with them, the country will only get wealthier, the country will only get more productive, and the country will only succeed more in the future,” Kirk fantasized.

“And what really cheapens that, or what, I should say, jeopardizes that? That’s a better way to phrase it. You have uncontrolled surges of illegals border jumping and line cutting into the country,” he added.

The entire clip can be heard here:

This is hardly the first time that Kirk has argued to flood the U.S. with immigrants:

A source close to BLP brought attention to Charlie Kirk’s previous book Time for a Turning Point, which he co-authored with Brent Hamachek. The book was released in 2016 and outlines Kirk’s vision for free markets and limited government.

Apart from the generic Boomer conservative talking points about limited government that the book covered, it did approach the topic of immigration. However, Kirk’s vision for immigration did not align with any principle that America First advocates push for.

In fact, a significant portion of his immigration section consists of a plan to install a two-year probationary period which would allow an unspecified number of immigrant workers to live in America with a guaranteed permanent status provided that they commit no crimes. In one paragraph, Kirk gushed over the economic potential that his migration scheme could bring about and talked about how an “invisible hand” would guide immigrants under this hypothetical scheme.

Kirk is one of the most influential operatives in the conservative movement working to steer President Trump away from his mandate on immigration and to adopt Jeb Bush-style policies on the crucial issue.

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Supreme Court Rules President Trump Cannot Touch DACA with John Roberts Casting the Deciding Vote

SCOTUS stands for amnesty.



The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) determined on Thursday via a 5-4 ruling that President Donald Trump cannot end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which protects some 800,000 illegals from being deported from the country.

Trump had sought to reverse an executive order made by former President Barack Obama which granted amnesty to the illegals, believing Obama’s order was unconstitutional. Although it is well-understood that presidents have the authority to reverse executive orders, SCOTUS arbitrarily revoked that power for Trump because he did not give them a reason they found satisfactory for doing so. Trump is now effectively banned from revoking DACA until he can give an explanation that the courts and left-wing special interests determine as acceptable.

This is an example of the activist judiciary at its worst, and the man who flipped is yet again Chief Justice John Roberts, the same despicable individual who protected Obamacare and abortion rights.

Far-left lawyers seized on the coronavirus pandemic to make their case to keep the privileges for illegal immigrants, claiming that DACA recipients included “dentists, pharmacists, physician assistants, home health aides, technicians.”

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“Termination of DACA during this national health emergency would be catastrophic,” the immigration attorneys claimed in their April 2 filing.

However, hospitals were letting personnel go throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as nurses danced in TikTok videos due to lack of activity on the job. The lack of logic behind their argument did not seem to matter to SCOTUS, who bought it hook, line and sinker.

The SCOTUS ruling comes after a bipartisan push by corporate Republicans and Democrats who have backed widespread amnesty to push down the cost of labor and increase their massive profits:

Billionaire heirs Charles and David Koch are gearing up to wage a public influence campaign in favor of granting amnesty to ‘dreamers,’ illegal immigrants brought to the United States at a young age.

TIME magazine reported that the inheritors of the massive Koch family fortune plan to use their extensive political infrastructure to exert muscle with the hopes of securing a legal status for the approximately 700,000 DACA illegals. The political move would come as the latest effort in the Kochs’ long history of seeking to increase levels of immigration to the United States even higher, further than the current record-breaking annual flow.

Formerly holding a prominent role in national Republican politics, the Koch brothers fell into disrepute among conservatives and Republicans for a series of policy views at odds with the everyday citizen, including financial support for wage-sinking mass immigration. The Kochs declined to support Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, although they had previously been among the most extensive and prolific political donors in the United States…

While fashioning themselves as “free market capitalists,” the family fortune that the eponymous Koch brothers use to advance their political ideals was obtained through methods foreign to their own conception of free markets, to put it mildly. The founder of the family business, Fred Koch, became a multi-millionaire after accepting a partnership with the Soviet Union under its leader Joseph Stalin to build oil refineries. Somewhat shockingly, the overseas business activities of Fred Koch also included the construction of a plant in National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s.

The notion of reclaiming the judiciary is looking more like a pipe dream with rulings such as this and the LGBT mandate against private businesses being approved by so-called conservative justices.

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