Trailer for “Fauci” Documentary Flooded With Dislikes, Negative Comments

A new documentary about NIAID director and government doctor Anthony Fauci is being met with intense criticism from its audience, a month after the film was released to the public.

The documentary trailer for “Fauci” by National Geographic has ten times more dislikes than likes on YouTube. ‘Fauci’ was released on September 10th as a National Geographic Documentary film, now streaming on Disney+.

Critics of the globalist bureaucrat also stated their opinions on the Biden advisor, refusing to accept propaganda from the mainstream media coronating the supposedly omniscient public health “expert” as a new God.

The film presents Fauci, the highest-paid employee of the United States federal government, as a victim, pointing to isolated incidents in which Fauci was allegedly threatened. Fauci claims his family’s being harassed.

Fauci has merely regurgitated conventional wisdom throughout the coronavirus, initially dismissing the dubious need to wear masks before the CDC in its all-knowing wisdom changed its mind and “recommended” them for everyone. The pseudo-Democrat refused to criticize the massive race riots of the summer of 2020, going to to harshly criticize any public gathering linked to conservative causes as a supposed “superspreader.”

Most recently, the omniscient one appeared to change the goalposts yet again regarding vaccination, suggesting the public would require a scientifically dubious and contentious ‘booster shot’ to be considered fully vaccinated. Two senior FDA officials are set to resign from the agency in protest of federal recommendations of booster shots.

In a future age where legitimate public debate about governmental responses to the coronavirus is permitted without censorship, it may come to pass that Fauci is remembered as a megalomaniac tyrant, not the hero the mainstream media seems to present him as.

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