Transgender Priest Who Abandoned Catholicism to Become a Woman: ‘I’ve Still Got God’s Support’

A transgender priest who abandoned the Catholic church to change the gender that God gave him still claims that the Lord is on his side and supports his lifestyle choice.

37-year-old Alisha Cacace of Britain believes that God made an error when he was born as a man. He claims he has battled with gender identity issues since he was a young child, but trained to be a priest anyway.

As a priest, he visited an LGBT bar where he reveled in sin before deciding that abandoning the priesthood was the right thing for his personal pleasures. He is now transitioning to become a woman and claims he has never been happier as a result of shirking his Holy duties.

“Once you face that fear, and do it, you feel a lot better in yourself,” Cacace said. “The best thing I’ve ever done was change over, I don’t think I could ever kind of go back.”

His devotion to the priesthood was apparently a sham from the start, as Cacace was just compensating to deny the life of transgender degeneracy that he has always wanted to live.

“I knew I was a female trapped in a male’s body from a very young age, I was just pushing it to one side,” Cacace said.

“Seeing others happy was great and that really set a spark off in my mind,” he added.

He says his surrounding community in Basingstoke, Hampshire is behind him completely, and he feels no shame despite abandoning his faith to participate in the LGBT lifestyle. He has no regrets about leaving the priesthood.

“I’m kind of out of that frame of mind of being a clergy member and into the frame of mind of being a transgender girl and focusing on the new life,” Cacace said.

Despite living a life in sin and rebelling against God’s design, he still has the audacity to claim that God is on his side although he selfishly abandoned his life’s vocation.

“I’ve still got God’s support, definitely still have God’s support. I can feel that,” Cacace said.

Although Cacace may believe that his transgender lifestyle choice is healthy, the facts show otherwise. Transgenderism is known to facilitate incredibly high rates of suicide and other forms of self-harm. The fad of transgenderism has even compelled some doctors to prescribe testosterone for children as young as five years of age.

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