Transgenders Rush to Evade Trump’s Military Ban Before Enforcement Deadline

Although the Defense Department policy to ban transgender recruits from enlisting in the military was supposed to go into place on April 12, trans troops who are already enlisted are exploiting a loophole to circumvent the policy and stay in the service.

Transgender troops who are already enlisted are technically allowed to continue to serve under the new rule, but they are unable to transition to their preferred gender unless they are diagnosed with “gender dysphoria” prior to the policy going into effect.

Although the rule should be in place by now, there are several lawsuits that are active in federal courts holding it up so the rush is on as transgender recruits flood the system to get a diagnosis that will effectively grandfather them into the military.

“There’s definitely been a rush to get doctors’ appointments and expedite the process of obtaining that diagnosis,” said Jamie Hash, a transgender Air Force Tech Sergeant who is allowed to remain in the service despite Trump’s supposed ban.

Hash claims that the Trump administration is compelling people to undergo surgery before they are “ready to start the process” of removing their birth genitalia and living as the opposite sex.

“For some people, they may not have been in a situation where they were ready to start the process,” Hash said. “But this new policy has put them in a situation where they either have to now or they will no longer be able to in the future.”

Air Force Lt. Col. Bree Fram, who works with the advocacy organization SPART*A, is helping transgenders stay in the military and claims there are many doctors out there working to facilitate mutilation in order to keep trans people in the armed forces.

“If I had to name the top two issues that the service members have faced, it’s getting an appointment and seeing a doctor willing to diagnose them,” Fram said.

“Luckily, we’ve had a number of military medical providers go out of their way to add additional appointments or consider telemedicine for some folks that are deployed, or are just having trouble getting an appointment,” Fram added.

The LGBT movement continues to work for the “rights” of their allied victim groups, even if their immoral crusade weakens the national defense of the United States.

“They don’t want to ban transgender people. They recognize these are valuable colleagues,” Minter said of the branches of the armed service. “We’ve seen this constant pattern of resistance, of the military trying to soften the blow and protect transgender service members as much as they can, and then being constantly overridden by political leaders from the top.”

This agenda is even aided and abetted by Republican leaders, with Koch-supported ‘Never Trump’ libertine Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) supporting taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery for transgenders.

“Those who serve in our Armed Forces deserve the best medical care,” Amash said. “One question we must ask and answer, with the aid of the medical community, is which treatments are medically necessary and which are simply elective. With respect to transgender persons, we should focus on the best science, not the political or philosophical opinions of partisans.”

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