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TransKids *STOPS* Selling Fake Penises After Controversy



A website dedicated to helping children transition genders has suffered lash back after conservative news sources highlight the site selling fake penises to young girls.

“TransKids is run by Searah, who also runs a site for trans guys. For years she has helped adults find high-quality gender expression gear and after many requests from parents of younger trans kids she opened this site and store that focused more on kids and their unique needs” according to the website.

TransKids recently sold merchandise that allow kids to try out different genitalia. These prosthetic penises for girls – known as “packers”(which come in multiple sizes) – allow girls to use the bathroom standing up. For boys who would like to transition to female, there is what’s known as “clever unders” that allow boys to have a “smooth front”.

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After being exposed by The Blaze for selling inappropriate products to young children, the merchandise disappeared from the website. When clicking on the previously linked products, the search results in an unknown page.

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The website claims that they “are currently on a break from selling our Gender Expression Gear” but promises that the merchandise is not going away for good.


But not to worry, the site still sells the “packer holder” – which also comes in difference sizes – for when the products return to the store. 

The store has a few books meant for young kids that deal with the transgender transformation. Literature like “My Dad Thinks I’m a Boy?!” and “A Girl Like Any Other” deal with how kids can talk to their parents about changing their genders. The site also indicates that a book is coming soon that helps children decide if they want to be a boy or girl.

While the entirety of the site is meant to help young kids “find high-quality gender expression gear”, it is interesting that they removed the gear for purchase after just a little backlash.

Big League Politics reached out to TransKids for a statement on why the products are on “vacation” and when they would be returning. Searah and TransKids did not respond to media inquiries.


Jeff Sessions Breaks Down the Differences Between America First Nationalism and Neoconservative, Libertarian Ideologies

Sessions has a lengthy America First track record.



Former U.S Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions broke down his case for the America First vision during an interview with the American Conservative’s Arthur Bloom, contrasting a nationalist vision with the ideologies promoted by libertarian and neoconservative pundits and legislators. Sessions is currently campaigning to return to the Senate as Alabama’s Senator, a position he held for two decades.

Aren’t our fundamental goals to make our American people stable, and happy? Our borders, families, tradition and culture have got to be defended. This ideological view that we’re not a nation, we’re an idea- somehow our constitution is supposed to apply worldwide, which is ridiculous- we have borders which we have a right to defend, and create and establish good and healthy conditions for our country- not just for the billionaires. Wages have to go up for working people.

Sessions has gathered a following of America First patriots for his consistent and often lone pro-American track record as a Senator, having single-handedly stopped at least two major federal amnesty attempts and staking out what is in all likelihood the strongest conservative track record for any Senator or congressman.

Sessions’ potential return to the Senate could serve as a crucial reminder to the Republican Party of the America First vision that President Donald Trump ran on in 2016, a vital message in a political climate in which libertarian and neoconservative ideologues try to revise history and pidgeonhole the President into support of a tired platform that advocates for free markets, wars in the middle east, mass immigration, and the outsourcing of American industry for the profit of major billionaire oligarchs.

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