Treasonous Zionist Spy Jonathan Pollard Believes Israel Should Have Jailed Hostage Families To Silence Them

Former Israeli spy and traitor to the United States Jonathan Pollard recently claimed that Israel should have muzzled the families of hostages that Hamas is holding in Gaza. He even suggested that several of the families should have been imprisoned. Pollard’s suggestions would have the ostensive aim of preventing public pressure affecting the Israel state’s ability to reach a compromise with the terrorist organization.

Israeli media outlet Channel 14 played a clip of Pollard making the comments. Pollard’s remarks came during an online call with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim of the Shilo Institute.

“When we declared war, the first thing that the government should have done was to declare a state of national emergency and told all of the hostage families, ‘You will keep your mouths shut, or we will shut them for you. You will not interfere in the management of this war. You will not be used by the international community or by our own leftists, who managed the Shalit deal, as a weapon against us,’” he stated.

In this case, he was making a reference to a 2011 deal, opposed at the time and since then by many actors on the Israeli Right, in which Israel let loose over 1,000 Palestinian terror convicts in exchange for a single kidnapped IDF soldier.

“And if that means imprisoning, to silence certain members of hostages’ families, then so be it. We’re in a state of war,” commented Pollard. 

Pollard criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for recently approving a new hostage swap, declaring that he will not vote again for the Religious Zionism party, which approved the agreement.

“I was dead-set against turning all these posters out, the kidnapped, with all these pictures of these poor people that were kidnapped,” Pollard continued. “Why? Because each one of them was a poison dart at our ability to wage total war against our enemies.”

He has even called for Israel to continue the war without any deal, even if it results in the killing of many Israeli hostages. 

Pollard was arrested in 1985 for engaging in espionage while he was working as an analyst for the US Navy. Throughout his service in the Navy, Pollard was in touch with prominent Israeli intelligence officials and provided them with multiple suitcases of classified documents on Israel’s Arab foes and the military aid they received from the Soviet Union.

American Navy intelligence officials started becoming suspicious of Pollard’s activity in the fall of 1985 owing to how he was providing the Israelis substantial quantities of classified information that did not pertain to the regions he was tasked with overseeing. He would subsequently be confronted after he was discovered taking classified materials from the building. Three days later, Pollard and his wife at the time, Anne Henderson Pollard, were arrested outside the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC after the embassy rejected their asylum request.

Per the CIA, Pollard’s case “has few parallels among known U.S. espionage cases.” On top of that, he had “put at risk important U.S. intelligence and foreign policy interests.”

After his arrest in 1985, Pollard received a life sentence in prison two years afterward. In 2015, Pollard was released on parole but was barred from traveling  to Israel at the time.

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