TRIGGERED: Anti-Socialist Parody of ‘Monopoly’ Board Game Enrages Leftist History Professor

A parody of “Monopoly” that pokes fun at the failed economic policies of socialism has triggered a university academic who took to Twitter to demonstrate his lack of self-awareness and humor.

Nick Kapur, who works as an Assistant Professor of History at Rutgers University–Camden, bought the game, Monopoly Socialism just to criticize it on social media.

First, he was triggered by the game’s tag line.

Then, he was triggered by the imagery used on the cover.

He was confused by the implication made by the game’s player icons, which imply that socialism holds back technological progress.

Kapur was offended by the thought that schools and hospitals run by government could possibly be criticized.

He was angered by the game’s digs at veganism and health food fads.

Kapur felt that someone should have told the game’s creators that environmentalism is a sacred cow.

He went on to criticize the game on technical terms, apparently not being able to realize that the game is a parody meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

The simple points that socialism is predicated on graft and tends to run out of money are completely lost upon him.

He went onto post more tidbits from the game and complain further about it.

He concluded his lengthy rant by saying that the original game of Monopoly is dumb and played out anyway, because it’s not modern and European enough.

Unfortunately for Kapur, his Twitter thread may have backfired as it alerted many interested consumers to the game and will likely end up boosting its sales.

Kapur, who is the author of “Japan at the Crossroads: Conflict and Compromise after Anpo,” is probably perturbed by the fact that far more people will play this parody game than will ever pick up his book . Monopoly Socialism is available for sale for $19.99 here.

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