Truck Repeatedly Rammed Into Building of Dallas Fox Affiliate

A Dallas man has been arrested after repeatedly ramming his truck into the office of the Fox 4, the local Fox News affiliate on Wednesday.

Michael Chadwick Fry, 34, repeatedly rammed his Dodge Ram pickup into a side wall of the building on North Griffin Street around 6 a.m, according to the station. “He then got out and started ranting.”

The man may have been angry at Fox for their perceived right-leaning coverage.

“Originally when he was in the bed of the truck he was yelling out ‘High treason! High treason!’ said Brandon Todd, a reporter at the station. “As he got over to the window, he was trying to explain something that involved the Denton County Sheriff’s Department. He is claiming that someone tried to kill him and ended up hitting a relative of his and so he was wanting justice, I think. But also at some point, he was saying, ‘And they’re coming for me. They’re coming after me trying to kill me.’”

As police arrived, they surrounded Fry and ordered him to surrender. He reportedly pulled a cell phone out of his pocket, causing a brief scare among officers. He also left an orange duffel bag at the scene, which the Dallas Police called a bomb squad to investigate.

“So our bomb squad was called out to check it out and make sure that there was nothing suspicious there,” said Officer Debra Webb. “So they cleared the bag. They checked his truck to make sure there was nothing in there. Then, they checked around the building to make sure there was nothing secondary around the building and they didn’t find anything.”

Fry faces charges of felony criminal mischief, adding to a lengthy rap sheet which includes arrests for assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication and driving while intoxicated in the same county.

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