Trudeau Crony Threatens Jordan Peterson With Lawsuit

Well-known Canadian clinical psychologist, professor, and online personality Jordan Peterson recently responded to threats of a potential defamation lawsuit levied by a former advisor of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The former aid and longtime crony of Trudeau, Gerry Butts, announced he reached out to his lawyers after a social media dispute in which the Canadian professor called him “corrupt.”

Dr. Peterson answered the phony threat with a nonchalant attitude, essentially telling Butts to ‘bring it on!’

“My defence is firmly in place, legal and financial, so we’ll both get a chance to air our dirty laundry,” Peterson said. “And I wouldn’t count on having too much to donate to your charitable cause when the smoke clears.”

The dispute began after Butts said that the “MAGA wing of the Conservative movement in Canada… staged a hostile takeover” of Ottawa and Edmonton.

“You are a stunningly corrupt and incendiary fool @gmbutts and the story will be the cowardice of your leader @JustinTrudeau and the lies of your damnable lying calumnous cronies,” Peterson responded.

Butts then broke out the big guns, suggesting that Peterson’s speech was criminal and due for punishment via litigation should he not apologize and bend the knee.

“Calling me ‘corrupt’ is accusing me of the crime of using my former public office dishonestly for personal gain,” Butts replied. “That’s defamatory. Perhaps you’re not aware of that, so I’ll give you another chance to retract and apologize.”

Peterson doubled down on his refusal to appease Butts’ demands to say sorry.

“Is it?” Peterson asked. “I meant nothing of that sort. I called you corrupt for your inflammatory and careless comments, accusing those Canadians who oppose your views of MAGA sympathies and the prejudices you feel accompany that. But if the shoe fits, Mr. Butts, you’re welcome to wear it.”

Peterson’s response appeared to trigger a response in Butts; the Justin Trudeau crony quickly sprung into action shortly thereafter.

“I gave Dr. Peterson three chances and a week to clean up his own room,” Butts said. “He declined, so he’ll be hearing from my legal counsel shortly. All proceeds after legal fees will be donated to shelters for women fleeing abuse in Ottawa.”  

“The long term strategy of right wingers is to toxify the public square so people shy away from public service,” Butts added. “One of the ways they do that is to defame all their opponents as corrupt. It has to be confronted or it will work.”

Butts, a longtime crony of Justin Trudeau, resigned as the Prime Minister’s principal secretary in 2019 amid allegations that he pressured a former Canadian justice minister to help a Quebec-based multinational engineering firm called SNC-Lavalin dodge bribery and fraud charges related to their contract dealings in Libya.

“At all times, I and those around me acted with integrity and a singular focus on the best interests of all Canadians,” Butts said at the time.

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