Trump Administration Looking at Expelling ChiComm Spy Journalists

Reports are surfacing that the Trump administration is looking to expel employees of Chinese media outlets who work in the U.S. based on them being possible spies for the Chinese Communist Party.

This response from the White House stems from the world wide damage control efforts of Beijing as more reports show that the CCP failed to control the spread of COVID-19 within its borders and may in fact be libel for the current world wide pandemic and the financial collapse that it has caused.

Chinese efforts to detract COVID-19 responsibility include its Deputy Director of Information taking to Twitter to spread the conspiracy that the United States Army played a role in releasing the virus in Wuhan, expelling American journalists from both mainland China and Hong Kong, and releasing propaganda videos across social media which promote the idea that China is now the savior of the world.

The possible move towards expelling media members with ties to China are being heralded by the U.S. State Department. Morgan Ortagus who serves as the Spokeswoman for the State Department remarked on Twitter, “Propaganda outlets that report to the Chinese Communist Party are foreign agents, not “journalists.” Even General Secretary Xi says they “must speak for the Party.”

In last few days, Ms. Ortagus and Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, have engaged in an information duel on Twitter

American intelligence officials have long asserted that many Chinese journalists in America, as well as abroad, play a role in which they not only provide reports for publications and media broadcasts in China, but also give information to the CCP’s intelligence agencies.

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