Trump Administration Proposes Deportation of Immigrants on Welfare

According to reports from CNBC, the Trump administration is considering a new policy to deport immigrants on welfare.

This is part of the administration’s plans to put the clamps on the migration of low-income people.

Although residents who are deemed as public charges can be deported in practice, it’s rarely ever applied.

The proposal in question would include immigrants who are on public benefits such as cash welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies, or Medicaid.

According to The Daily Mail, U.S. law permits the deportation of immigrants who become “public charges” within five years of admission if their motivation for seeking public aid preceded their entrance to the U.S.

However, a 1948 ruling determined that the deportation of immigrants had to be limited to cases where the government required payment for public services, and the person failed to pay.

BLP covered how recent studies show that a substantial portion of recent migrants end up on public assistance, lending credence to Trump’s latest policy proposals.

Several countries such as Sweden have seen migrant dependency on welfare lead to a certain degree of social upheaval in recent times.

With the reality of a divided Congress, Trump is looking at whatever means he can use to bring some rationality to American migration policies.

One thing is certain: immigration will be the hottest issue in the 2020 elections.

BLP reports that the majority of GOP voters see it as the most important topic heading into the 2020 elections.

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