Trump Adviser: No Patriot Party, For Now

Jason Miller, adviser to former President Donald Trump, has dismissed reports that the former President is in the processes of creating a new political party.

On Sunday the senior Trump adviser said the former President remains committed to reelecting Republicans and is not currently considering launching a third party

The former commander-in-chief’s aide shared reports that Trump was preparing to create a third party and challenge Republican lawmakers who clashed with him, claiming there were was nothing “actively” planned, but leaving the door open to a threat to the GOP on the right.

“The President has made clear his goal is to win back the House and Senate for Republicans in 2022,” Miller tweeted. “There’s nothing that’s actively being planned regarding an effort outside of that, but it’s completely up to Republican Senators if this is something that becomes more serious.

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that the former President was considered creating a “Patriot Party” that would challenge several high profile GOP lawmakers, including Representative Liz Cheney (WY) and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp—both Republican politicians who opposed the Trump election fraud case.

The newspaper also reported that Trump had told people in his inner political orbit that the threat of a third party on the right would put pressure on Republicans when they vote on whether or not to convict the former president after his Senate impeachment trial.

While Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced on Friday that the former commander-in-chief’s impeachment trial would get underway in the week of February 8th, most realize that the path in the Senate to convict Trump is extremely thin as it would take seventeen Republican senators joining all fifty of the Democrats in order for a conviction.




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