Trump-Backed Arizona Gov. Candidate Kari Lake Exposes RINO Competitor Karrin Taylor Robson’s Embrace of Transgenderism

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is exposing her RINO competitor Karrin Taylor Robson’s embrace of the perverted and depraved transgender agenda.

Lake, who has been endorsed by President Trump, noted that the Ed Robson Arena in Colorado, which is named after Karrin Taylor Robson’s husband, is allowing transgender creeps to mingle with biological women in the bathroom.

“Why does your stadium (Robson Arena in Colorado) allow Men into the Ladies Room? Why play into the Left’s delusions?” Lake asked Robson in a Tweet. 

“I hope you and Ed will get this fixed. Our Girls deserve better,” she added.

The Ed Robson Arena was established at Colorado College after Robson gave a $12 million donation to establish the sports stadium at the private, liberal arts college. Even though the Robsons are clearly ultra-wealthy, entrenched, elitist benefactors with a lot of sway on campus, they sit idly by and allow LGBT insanity to wreak havoc on the college. This says a lot about their priorities.

Big League Politics has reported on how Lake is a champion of the crucial issues that are at the core of President Trump’s populist, America First agenda:

Trump-endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate is proposing that conservative-leaning states band together to form an interstate compact to fight illegal immigration, taking the reins away from the Biden administration as the nation’s porous borders are overwhelmed with record levels of illegal infiltration since the Democrat’s ascension to the presidential throne.

Lake’s plan would invoke Article IV Section 4 of the US Constitution, which guarantees states defense from invasions. The plan would create mechanisms for a compact of states that oppose illegal immigration to arrest, prosecute, detain and deport illegals without interference from a federal government moving to import as many aliens into the country as possible.

The state members of the compact would “declare their territories as under invasion and declare it their sovereign right to secure the borders of the United States,” according to Lake’s plan. The compact would beef up and utilize state National Guards to secure the border and facilitate state sovereignty. Many state National Guards are already experienced in counter-smuggling and infiltration operations from years of partnership with Customs and Border Patrol during Donald Trump’s administration.

The compact’s joint security force would be authorized “to arrest, detain, and return illegal immigrants back across the border.” National Guard service members would receive training from Israeli military experts trained in the detection of smuggling tunnels, and would be deputized with arrest powers of illegals.

Lake is the fighter that Arizona needs to make sure that election fraud like what took place in the 2020 presidential election can never happen again. Robson would be cut from the same cloth as John McCain or Doug Ducey – a total RINO putz who surrenders to the enemy.

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