Trump Campaign Reiterates Confidence in Trump Victory, Sets Up Hotline and Website for Reporting Irregularities [UPDATED]

The Trump campaign conducted a press conference call Thursday morning about the current state of the election.

Campaign manager Bill Stepien expressed confidence in Donald Trump winning his second term. He said that internal data shows Trump winning the commonwealth of Pennsylvania by more than 200,000 votes if all the ballots counted are legal.

Stepien also tore into the “lying, cheating, and stealing” by Democrats “all over this country.” He is referring to apparent irregularities such as extremely high voter turnout in some areas, shady ballot counting, dead people voting, and other suspicious behavior, which are happening particularly in states that Trump needs to win.

Senior adviser Jason Miller expressed his confidence in an Arizona victory, saying that Trump is currently on pace to win the state. Trump will likely need Arizona in order to earn four more years in the White House. Miller also said that by Friday night it should become clear that Trump will remain president. This is because they remain confident that Trump will win Georgia and North Carolina as well.

The campaign is also setting up a hotline and website for people to report election irregularities and possible fraud. Big League Politics will update this post with that information when it becomes available.

UPDATE: The hotline is 888-630-1776 and the website to report a case is

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