Trump Derangement Syndrome: Journalist Tweets 451 Times to Desperately Explain Away Mueller Report

Journalist Tweets 451 Times Mueller Report

Newsweek columnist Seth Abramson wrote over 450 tweets in a desperate attempt to frame the redacted Mueller Report as a net negative for President Donald J. Trump, even though it exonerates the president by proving there was no collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice.

In a Twitter thread that saw new followup tweets published every few minutes for over 24 hours, Abramson desperately attempted to reframe the Mueller Report as bad news for President Trump.

Abramson started his thread with an optimistic tone on April 17, the day before the Mueller Report was released to the public in its redacted form. The thread started with an article written by Abramson for the far-left Newsweek, which seems to have been created for the purpose of minimizing the importance of the Mueller Report.

Yesterday morning, Abramson began live tweeting Attorney General Bill Barr’s press conference in which he discussed the Mueller Report.

Already, Abramson seemed to enter a sort of panic, condemning Barr as a spokesman for President Trump.

Abramson also, again, attempted to minimize the impact of the Mueller Report in the minds of his Twitter followers by stating that “we won’t even get a *certain* answer on whether there was a criminal conspiracy” orchestrated by President Trump.

After the Mueller Report was released to the public, Abramson immediately began finding flaws, and honing in on the small parts of the report that, using second hand hearsay, painted President Trump in a negative light.

He also moved the goalpost. Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not find sufficient evidence to prove President Trump broke the law, which Abramson says must surely mean there was some evidence, even though as a lawyer, Abramson surely must know this is not how the law works. If there is insufficient evidence to prove a crime, then the suspect must be assumed innocent.

This was only tweet 115 of over 450. Abramson’s mental state would seem to deteriorate as the day went on, and he continued tweeting every few minutes in desperate attempts to find damaging parts of the Mueller report, and excuse its total exoneration of President Trump.

By tweet 273, Abramson said it was time to consider impeaching the president.

By tweet 315, Abramson held the position that impeaching President Trump should not depend on any criminality. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” does not count for presidents, according to the far left journalist, and Twitter obsessed man.

By tweet 360, Abramson was back to denigrating the Attorney General, and claiming that he is a partisan actor working for President Trump.

Hilariously, Abramson also attempted to get his followers to retweet the original tweet from the thread, so new readers may sit and read the hundreds of ramblings.

Ironically, when this journalist attempted to do exactly this, Twitter became so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content that it was unable to load more than 200 or so tweets before freezing.

Around 400 tweets in, Abramson began to respond to criticism to his mad Twitter rant. At this point he would go on for three more hours, finishing at roughly 1 a.m.

Unless he decides to tweet more today, which seems entirely possible considering the insane number of tweets published.

Abramson wrote “I don’t *care” when it comes to how observers may respond to his massive Twitter storm, “because when American national security is at stake, you don’t *worry* about embarrassment.”

By tweet 433, Abramson had more or less turned against Mueller, seeming to suggest that he should have pressed the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., to testify against other targets of Mueller’s investigation.

Finally ending his mad Twitter tirade, Abramson made a claim completely contrary to the findings of the Mueller report: He believes that collusion did, in fact, occur.

This would seem shocking coming from a man who just live tweeted his experience reading the report cover to cover, except for the fact that he seems to have drifted further and further from reality as he wrote the 451 tweets.

This type of anti-fact behavior would seem to be the ultimate expression of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Abramson now believes that Barr is a bad actor, as is Mueller. He believes that just because Mueller could not find evidence, does not mean evidence does not exist. Even though Mueller could not find evidence to justify an indictment for obstruction of justice, that does not mean President Trump did not obstruct justice.

At this point, those like Abramson are living in their own reality, created entirely to protect them from the fact that they were completely and totally wrong.

It is, essentially, baseless justification to continue hating a duly elected president.

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