Trump Keeps On Winning As Paul Ryan Talks About Losing Seats

President Donald Trump is committed to winning the 2018 midterm elections, but the mainstream media is seizing on his comments that he will not accept responsibility for a Republican loss in the House. Republicans are expected to gain in the Senate but the narrative is that Democrats could take the House.

Trump is the best thing Republicans have going for them on the campaign trail. If he manages to win the House for Republicans, it will be a great political victory. Why? Because outgoing House speaker Paul Ryan is openly talking about how the party in power loses seats in a midterm election.

That’s loser talk.

President Donald Trump is presumably not happy that Paul Ryan is behaving this way. It’s bad enough that Ryan is throwing a hissy fit about the “horseface” comment.

Here is Ryan taking his little swing at “identity politics” on the populist conservative side during the President Donald Trump era, and talking about the supposedly massive disadvantage that his House Republicans have in the 2018 midterm elections.

“How many seats did Ronald Reagan lose in the ’82 election? 26?….So, we have a 24-seat majority, 23 of our members are in Clinton-carried districts. The average is 32, the average of the party in power’s first midterm is a 32-seat loss. So we basically have an historic trend that cuts against us,” Ryan said in a panel at the Ronald Reagan Institute with National Revieweditor Rich Lowry. (35:00 Minute Mark In Video Below)

Ryan said that if Republicans focus on issues then the GOP will be “just fine.”

“But if the election is like any other type of midterm election, and it swings all over the place, we may not know until the very end,” Ryan said.

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