Trump Must Put Obama’s Deep State on Defense, And In Jail

Barack Obama, Facebook

This article by Patrick Howley originally appeared in The Daily Caller:

A former president, a failed presidential candidate, two discredited Republican senators and a host of shadowy government intelligence officials are running a fly-by-night operation to knock out the President Trump administration and undermine constitutional democracy on this planet as we know it. This is not a drill. This is a “Deep State” plot to instigate civil war behind the scenes and break the populist momentum that led to Trump’s victory and to the installation of “America First” foreign policy in Washington. It is time for citizens to demand action, and that action must be swift and decisive. The Deep State players must be taken off the political battlefield. Former president Obama, his operatives and Hillary Clinton must be prosecuted for their own crimes in order to uphold the rule of law and keep our side on offense. And all politically-motivated Deep State shadow operatives must be rooted out of our government, exposed to public disgrace, and banned from ever entering the federal government again.

We know now that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower in order to collect information that could be used to create a nebulous link between his campaign and the Russians — the same Russians that Obama secretly coordinated with during his time as president to expose our national defense information to hostile states. We know it because even The New York Times once reported it, claiming that the FBI granted a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) request to surveil Trump Tower for possible links to the Russians, following a previous FISA request that was shot down in court. Make no mistake: this was an Obama administration plot to “Watergate” the Hell out of their biggest political enemy: Donald J. Trump.

Barack Obama’s progression from dithering president to international super-villain has certainly been one to behold. One minute he’s posing with the Jackie Robinson West Little League team in the Oval Office and the next he’s huddled with Valerie Jarrett in his Kalorama bunker 13 minutes from the White House plotting the chaotic downfall of the United States Government. It is becoming increasingly clear that Obama went into the presidency with the goal of extracting government data, allying with establishment intel operatives, and piecing together a functioning quasi-government that he could manage from outside the legal confines of the Oval Office. In other words, he was an infiltrator. But it’s not just Obama.

Look at this tweet Hillary Clinton sent out on February 13, the day that Mike Flynn resigned as National Security Adviser after illegal Deep State leaks snared Flynn in a technicality regarding his phone conversations with the Russian Ambassador:

In other words, Hillary was doing a victory lap, claiming credit for the illegal leaks that felled Flynn (and her Twitter account is carefully written by her staff, so it’s not like this was just a drunken late-night spite tweet). What did she mean by “fake news”?

Well, Flynn’s son had tweeted about “Pizzagate,” an online theory stemming from John Podesta’s leaked emails that tied Clinton-World to an alleged child sex ring in Washington’s “Comet Ping Pong” pizza parlor. I never really got into Pizzagate, Alex Jones backed off of it (and he’s basically my Walter Cronkite now) so I won’t get into more detail about it. But this was a very disturbing tweet. Hillary Clinton and her minions were exacting personal revenge on someone whose son just happened to talk about an alternative-news story.

Back in January, top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer outright threatened Trump for taking on the Deep State, saying: “Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you. So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this.”

Rush Limbaugh said that once the Democrats and the Deep State got Flynn’s head, they smelled “blood in the water.” Then they went after Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the principal law enforcement official standing in the way of their fatuous McCarthyite investigations into Trump’s fake Russia ties.

Senator Al Franken asked Sessions in his confirmation hearing if he talked to the Russians in his role as a Trump surrogate, and Sessions said that he did not. Sessions answered the question accurately. His brief conversation with the Russian ambassador during the campaign happened while he was acting in his role as a top-ranking senator, not as a Trump surrogate. Who set up that meeting between Sessions and the Russian ambassador at the Republican National Convention, at some innocuous meet-and-greet event co-sponsored by the Heritage Foundation? None other than the Obama State Department. That’s called playing the long game. Sessions recused himself from any McCarthyite investigations, and the Deep State scored another political win.

For the appearance of bipartisanship, Deep State Republican shills John McCain and Lindsey Graham are playing along with this nonsense, furrowing their eyebrows with concern about the whole Russia situation. And unfortunately, the great Darrell Issa’s House Oversight Committee has been taken over by Jason Chaffetz, the delegate of NeverTrump Utah Mormons and a Paul Ryan deputy, who is going along with the Sessions smear and defending Obama in his Spurned Bond Villain stage. So, really, Trump has no effective congressional investigative arm right now. His only friendly investigative arm is Breitbart, where I covered the Deep State during the Hillary Clinton scandal, and had to speak to sources for months in animal code language. It was pretty heady stuff for a reporter to have to do, but who the Hell else was going to do it?

So let’s be clear about what’s actually going on: the Democrats, in concert with old Trump-hating neocon Republicans, are manipulating rogue intelligence agents to sabotage the Trump White House. They’re not even hiding it! This, my friends, is what shadow civil wars are made of. This is the nefarious “Plan B” of a Cold War military-industrial complex that hasn’t been so directly challenged by a president since John F. Kennedy. These people, to put it bluntly, are not screwing around.

Is the Deep State going after the entire administration? To some degree, yes. But really they’re just focusing on the populists trying to shake things up: chief White House strategist Steve Bannon, policy adviser Stephen Miller, Flynn, and Sessions. And for all of their supposed Russia links, Bannon is on record defending Joseph McCarthy’s anti-Soviet motives, so let’s just cut the idiocy here. Clinton was the one who sold our uranium to the Russians and Bannon at Breitbart was the one who exposed it.

Trump and Sessions must respond not out of political spite, or even political gamesmanship (though at this point, I would applaud them for acting on such notions). They must respond by showing that law and order is going to be upheld in Donald Trump’s America. They must prosecute the conspirators.

My organization The America First Project has launched a petition urging the Department of Justice to finally prosecute Obama for weaponizing his executive branch agencies, prosecute his henchman Eric Holder for withholding Fast and Furious scandal information from Congress, prosecute his henchwoman Lois Lerner for turning the IRS into a Deep State anti-conservative enforcement arm, and prosecute Hillary Clinton for turning the State Department into her own personal slush fund and for committing espionage against the United States for using a non-secure private email server to conduct government business.

The president vowed to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton’s scandals. Such a move, now, would allow him to keep his promise to his base and to send a message that Deep State lawlessness is not going to be permitted under his watch. The time for action is upon us. If our side fails to act, then the Deep State operating out of Obama’s shadow bunker will continue to run the show. Prosecutions are a good first step. But ultimately the dismantling of the Deep State — the firing and shaming and flogging-in-the-public square of its operatives — must be carried out and it must be carried out quickly.

Barack Obama from the White House pushed us in the direction of outright civil war in the streets. Now, he’s acting like Robert E. Lee if he’d never surrendered at Appomattox, waging a guerrilla campaign in the foothills to destabilize the American republic for years to come. And unlike Lee, he’s acting under the supervision of George Soros and his Muslim Brotherhood overseers. Those folks are international anti-American agents and they can’t be too happy about the way Obama’s presidency went. They want him to finally carry out their will.

This madness must come to an end!

To paraphrase the words of so many great Trump supporters I met out on the campaign trail: Lock Them Up! Lock Them Up! Lock Them Up! Lock Them Up!

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