Trump Plans ‘Birth Tourism’ Ban, Will His Admin Follow Through?

The Trump administration is on the verge of announcing a plan to limit “birth tourism”, according to a report from the Washington Examiner.

This plan aims to reign in the practice of automatically granting American citizenship to people born in the United Sates whose parents are noncitizens visiting the country.

The move targets “birth tourism,” referring to an underground market where pregnant women travel to the U.S. to have a child that will instantly receive citizenship. According to the 14th Amendment, any child born on American soil is a citizen, no matter the parents’ status.

The State Department has spearheaded the initiative. However, Axios reported that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services at the Department of Homeland Security administers visa protocols. So far, the administration has not decided how to directly tackle the issue of birth tourism. However, it is looking into giving the State Department the ability to restrict visa provisions to people visiting on short-term business, as well as limiting tourism visas to women the administration believes may be trying to have children in the U.S.

This speculation comes in the wake of President Trump divulging in August and also in October that he wanted to issue an executive order to revoke the right of any child born in America from becoming a citizen if the child’s mother entered the country illegally or is not a citizen. Trump also entertained the idea back in September 2018.

Birth tourism has been one of the key planks of the Trump administration’s immigration agenda.

Birthright citizenship is one of the most controversial issues in American politics. It is also one of the highest stake aspects of mass migration. BLP previously reported that 400,000 anchor babies are born in America annually.

To maintain the relevancy of the Republican Party and keep the historic American nation intact, Trump must at least get something done on birthright citizenship.

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