Trump State Director CLEARED Of Bogus NeverTrump Charge That He Pulled A Gun On Campaign Staffer

Earl Phillip, the respected black state director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 North Carolina campaign, was cleared of all civil charges brought by an ex-staffer who claimed that Phillip pulled a gun on him. The suit was dismissed after accuser Vincent Bordini sent an affidavit clearing Phillips’ name.

Phillip says that an anti-Trump operation tried to bounce him out of the state director position so that they could steer Trump’s campaign in North Carolina into the ground. Trump won North Carolina by more than three and a half points.

Phillip lost his job on the Trump campaign in August after mainstream reports about the lawsuit. Phillip had just moved from the state operation to a deputy director role on Trump’s National Diversity Coalition.

“It was a big blow to me personally from a person who I thought was an ally. But he was only out for the greenbacks,” Phillip told Big League Politics in an interview, referring to Bordini.

“I’ve been in the business for quite some time, and I knew that if I stayed there it would have brought unwanted and unnecessary attention to the campaign. My number one priority was to make sure that the campaign was successful,” Phillip said.

“I really can’t talk to that right now,” Phillip said of the conspiracy. “Vincent Bordini proved that this wasn’t true by throwing in the white towel two days before we went to trial. Greed supersedes everything in some people.”

After the campaign, Phillip said he couldn’t get hired because his Google search results show the false allegation. “It’s been a very rough 19 months.”

Phillip thanked his attorney for “lifting this burden off me and my family.”

“This was nothing more than a well orchestrated character assassination by Vincent and his supporters,” Phillip said in a formal statement provided to Big League Politics.

“I believe it was a power play. It was all about control. The goal of these individuals was to have me removed as State Director of the Trump Campaign so they could install their handpicked puppet,” Phillip said.

“None of the people involved in this covert effort to ruin my name and credibility supported Mr. Trump during the primary. They were mostly supporters of Cruz or Rubio that tried to use me in an attempt to cause a distraction in hopes of hurting Mr. Trump’s chances of winning. I’m a married man with a family. I’m a veteran. My name and credibility means a lot to me and these people conjured up a lie to discredit me all in the name of politics. It’s disgusting and unfair,” Phillip stated.

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