Trump-Supporting Farmer’s Two Semis, Tractor, and Combine Burnt to a Crisp

Last Thursday around 7:00am firefighters responded to a cornfield fire in Clay County, Nebraska, where farm equipment had been set ablaze in what may be politically-motivated arson.

Jonathan Rempel confirmed to KTIC Radio that he flew two Trump flags on his combine, which was burnt to a crisp along with two semis, a tractor, and a corn head. He nevertheless did not wish to ascribe a political motivation to the fires at this time, perhaps because the case is under investigation or because he does not want to aggravate the situation even further.

The GoFundMe page for the Rempel family is here if readers wish to help out.

Rempel’s sister Leah posted the following on October 20:

I know everyone is looking for an update on our situation. Honestly we do not know a whole lot. The fire is still under investigation by the state fire marshal, and we are not privy to the details. My brother and his wife are blown away by the generous and good-hearted people of our great nation. They have been blessed beyond measure and want to shout their thanks from the mountaintops (if we had any in Nebraska).

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All of us here at Big League Politics are glad to see Rempel and his family receive the help they need. And may the authorities find and swiftly punish the arsonist responsible for this hateful act.