Trump Targets RINO Senator Author Office of Senator Lisa Murkowski

Trump Targets RINO Senator —Former President Donald Trump has made a big play ahead of the midterms, endorsing a challenger to an entrenched Republican swamp creature who has frustrated conservatives across the country — including those in her own state — for nearly two decades.

There were seven Republicans in the Senate who voted to convict President Donald Trump on the Democrat-controlled House’s impeachment charges, following the Capitol protests of January 6, 2021. But only one of those Republicans now faces the earthquake expected this November.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who betrayed conservatives last year with a vote to oust then-President Trump from office, is now in the crosshairs of the national conservative movement. 

Since being appointed to the Senate in 2002 by her father, former Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski, she has served as a bulwark for the disastrous agenda that Trump’s campaign aimed to remove from government.

And Trump has stepped in to put an end to her tenure.

Kelly Tshibaka, who is endorsed by the former president, officially filed to run against the state’s incumbent in a bid to finally replace Murkowski with a conservative Republican. 

Tshibaka has come out swinging. Speaking about Murkowski, the Trump-backed challenger asserted that she has “forgotten” about Alaskans in the interest of “being popular with her friends in Washington, D.C.”  


Citing her most recent betrayal, Tshibaka pointed to the current senator’s vote to confirm now-Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson as an example of why Murkowski needs to be replaced.

Murkowski reluctantly voted for former President Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court, Justice Amy Coney Barrett. And she refused to vote in favor of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Yet, she has broken with conservatives to promote an unqualified extremist, nominated by President Joe Biden, to the high court.

Conservatives have been waiting for their opportunity to show they haven’t forgotten these last few years of Republican betrayals. 

Now, citizens of Alaska have the chance to send a message to Murkowski. And Trump plans to help deliver it, declaring that he would make the long trip north to hold at least one rally in Alaska to promote Tshibaka’s candidacy.

From the years of the Tea Party to the years of pandemic, Sen. Murkowski has been no friend to conservatives. She stands against the pro-life movement, against the promotion of conservative values and against the Trump-inspired revolution within the Republican Party.

In short, Sen. Murkowski stands against conservatives. And, as they have in the past, conservatives need to stand against her. 

While she has survived primary defeat once before, Trump’s enormous popularity in the state will completely alter the equation, keeping her from being able to win a write-in campaign and earning Americans one less RINO in the Senate  —and a stronger Congress for conservatives, come January 2025.


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