Trump Threatens Tester For Blocking Admiral Ronny Jackson

President Donald Trump laid into Montana Democrat Senator Jon Tester, who smeared Admiral Ronny Jackson with what Trump calls false allegations.

“I watch what Jon Tester, of Montana — a state that I won by, like, over 20 points, you know, really, they love me and I love them. And I want to tell you that Jon Tester, I think this is going to cause him a lot of problems in his state,” Trump said in his Fox and Friends appearance.

Tester made completely unverified claims that Jackson handed out prescriptions “like candy” to government workers, for which there is absolutely no proof, and the dignity of these so-called lawmakers is besmirched for even putting out these spurious claims.

Several Republicans are off to the races in Montana in the bid to challenge Tester. General Michael Flynn is prepared to campaign for Air Force veteran Troy Downing in the race.

Isn’t it remarkable that somebody like General Flynn — a villain to the Fake News media — is an asset in a Republican primary in Montana? That just proves there are Two Americas.

Troy Downing is used to the heat. He is proudly standing trial in his defense over misdemeanor charges that he allegedly improperly obtained hunting and fishing licenses.

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