Trump UNLOADS On Mitt Romney: “Pompous Ass”

President Donald Trump hit back hard at Utah Senator and former Republican golden boy Mitt Romney in a series of tweets Saturday morning, calling out the establishment elitist for siding with Democrats to enable a manufactured Ukraine controversy.

Romney has rebranded himself as a pinnacle of “integrity” since arriving as a Senator in Washington, winning an easy-mode campaign in the state of Utah. He makes frequent objections to what he perceives as flaws in the President’s character, and has gone on a tear bashing Trump for his request to Ukraine’s President to investigate a potential Joe Biden corruption scandal in that country.

The failed 2012 Presidential candidate seems to pivot to what political position is convenient for him, swaying back and forth at the whims of the latest gust of Washington political trends. He accepted President Donald Trump’s endorsement when he ran for Senate, and had earlier interviewed to become his secretary of state, something President Trump mentioned in his tweets punching back at Romney.

While Romney still benefits from a large national platform dating back to his failed Presidential campaign, it’s worth noting most of his unpopular views have been largely rejected by national Republicans in the years since. Romney likes to depict his opposition to Trump as based upon the President’s supposed character defects, but in reality the President was instrumental in discrediting his neoconservative political positions in the 2016 campaign.

The former Massachusetts governor and finance capitalist will likely swing back to being a conventional Republican when it becomes clear that the prospects of impeachment in the Senate are negligible. It’ll be up to Senate and House Republicans if conservatives decide to take Romney seriously as anything other than a media-driven, moralistic phony.



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