TRUMP: US ‘Much Weaker Now’ Under Biden; ‘We’re Not Respected Anymore’

Photo Illustration by Emil Lendof/The Daily Beast

Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively that the United States of America is “much weaker now” under Democrat White House occupant Joe Biden’s leadership and that weakness has caused the world to not “respect” America anymore.

“We’re not respected anymore,” Trump said in an exclusive interview on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel.

“I really think if you look at the border, it’s really terrible and a terrible thing to watch. I look at it from other countries with millions of people pouring into our country totally unchecked, unvetted,” Trump continued. “Millions of people, they’re dumping their prisons—other countries—into our country. They’re just coming in at will. We had the strongest border in history. Now, we have the weakest by far in history.”

The former president then turned his attention to the disastrous Afghanistan pullout debacle.

“But I think that the Afghanistan pullout or surrender or whatever you want to call it has totally weakened us in the eyes of our nations. It has totally weakened our country. Our military is great. Our generals are great, except for our television generals; they don’t know what the hell they’re doing. But I’ll tell you, I really believe that that whole Afghanistan disaster was, nobody really believes it. It’s so hard. Our country feels so low right now. It’s never been so embarrassed. When they see that, China, you know, is watching that very closely. So is Russia and North Korea and Iran. Iran looks at that, and they say, ‘You know, what do we have to deal with these people for?’ They won’t even talk to us. They were ready to sign a deal. They would have signed a deal with me within one week after the election—which turned out to be rigged. It was a rigged election. And that’s what we get for it. So it’s one of those things. It’s a terrible thing. I don’t think our country has ever been thought of more badly than it is right now.”

Trump hammered the Biden economy as well, noting that Americans are spending much more than previous holiday seasons for presents and travel to see family—arguing it is the fault of Biden and the Democrats.

“They’re spending a lot more also because they can’t get anything,” Trump said. “They can’t buy the things that are being shipped from other countries. They can’t buy presents. They can’t do anything. I’m hearing stories that are horror shows where department stores are half empty and they don’t have product. Nobody has ever had anything like this. I’ve never seen anything like what’s going on with the shipping of goods.”

The rest of the interview can be found by reading the full Breitbart exclusive.

Trump also just hired Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) as the new CEO of Truth Social, his new social media company being launched in an effort to fight the Big Tech oligarchy that controls the vast majority of traffic on social media. The former President told Breitbart News he considers Nunes a “fighter.”

“He’s a fighter,” Former President Trump said when asked about Nunes. “He was a fighter right from the beginning. When I first met him, he was looking under the White House into deep files for all of the different things on the Russia hoax. He knew it was a hoax, and he understood it earlier than anybody. He’s tough. He fights like nobody fights. I just thought it would be a great idea. He loved it. He’s giving up a very important position because I think the Republicans are going to do very well in 2022 and very well in 2024. But I think Devin is going to be a very important person in this country when he takes on the Big Tech.”

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