TRUMPBUX 2.0: Second Round of $1,200 Stimulus Checks Planned

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to announce plans for a second round of $1,200 checks to most Americans next week, as a component of a second $1 trillion stimulus package intended to alleviate the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

McConnell plans to push the $1 trillion stimulus package next week as an alternative to more costly and politically loaded Democratic spending plans. He spoke of his plans to include a second round of direct payments akin to the first $1,200 check under the March CARES Act on Tuesday. “And speaking of building on what worked in the CARES Act, we want another round of direct payments to help American families keep driving our national comeback.

Democrats such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are said to be fighting to fill the stimulus package with a goodie list of leftist policy priorities, such as “racial pay equity” and corporate board affirmative action quotas. Democrats passed a much more expensive $3 trillion spending bill in May, which was rejected by the Republicans.

It appears as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread and Americans are prevented from returning to workplaces, the Republican Party is more willing to consider a new round of stimulus legislation.

The rules for the first $1,200 check will apply to the second, with all tax filers who claimed less than $75,000 in income receiving a stack from the federal government. Tax filers with dependents will recieve $500 per child.

It remains to be seen if progressive Democrats will seek to block the second payment of wildly popular TrumpBux to the American public in pursuit of irrelevant leftist policy fantasies.

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