Trump’s Defense Team Will Use Sham Impeachment Trial to Show Clips of Democrats Encouraging Political Violence

One of Donald Trump’s lawyers has said that the former president’s defense team will use his sham impeachment trial to show video clips of Democrats encouraging political violence.

Bruce Castor, the leader of the Trump defense team, told Laura Ingraham on her Fox News show Friday night that “I’ve been looking at a lot of video over the past couple days” and implied that Democrats “better be careful what [they] wish for.”

It is understood that Senate Democrats will initially show video clips of the January 6 Capitol siege as well as Trump’s remarks that were given just before the outbreak of chaos. They are accusing Trump of inciting the violence, which they claim was an “insurrection.”

This sham impeachment trial will fail to convict the former president and is widely understood to be a political stunt to further erode his credibility and discourage him from running for office again. A couple of weeks ago Sen. Rand Paul pronounced impeachment “dead on arrival” because of the virtual impossibility that Democrats will get 17 Republicans on board with convicting him.

Castor and the rest of Trump’s defense team will argue that the Senate cannot convict a former president since the constitutionally prescribed punishment, removal from office, is now moot.

Before very brief stints as Solicitor General and acting Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Castor served as District Attorney of Montgomery County (Alabama) and then as a member of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners.

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