TruNews Founder Rick Wiles Floats Congressional Campaign Against Pro-Zionist Fanatic Brian Mast

Florida Congressman Brian Mast recently made waves after being pressed by anti-war activists about the Palestinian babies the Israeli military has slaughtered in cold blood in Gaza — All with the support of the United States and its satrapies in NATO. 

According to a report by BLP, he bluntly told the Code Pink activists that the Palestinian babies were not innocent actors in this conflict. He specifically said, “These are not innocent Palestinian civilians across the world.” 

When asked about the roughly 500,000 Palestinians who could face starvation conditions in the Gaza Strip, Mast coldly responded, “The half a million people starving to death are people that should go out there and put a government in place that doesn’t go out there and attack Israel on a daily basis.”

Mast, who represents Florida’s 21st congressional district, previously served as a volunteer in the Israel Defense Force’s Sar-El program. In his official campaign website, he stated “I volunteered to serve alongside the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to show support for the freedom Israel represents throughout the Middle East and the world.” 

The Florida congressman’s recent remarks coupled with his fanatic pro-Zionism, prompted Rick Wiles, the founder of TruNews, to consider running in the Republican Party primary to challenge Mast. 

He posted on X on February 2, 2024,”As a resident of Florida’s 21st. Congressional District, I am seriously thinking about running in the Republican Party primary to replace @RepBrianMast in the House. Anybody who serves in a foreign army cannot be trusted with America’s national security.”


Wiles added, “A big ‘thank you!’ to 100,000+ friends who encouraged me to run for Congress against Israel-lobby puppet Brian Mast. Please continue to share my tweet with more people. Let’s start a movement to free America from Zionism’s claws.”

Wiles would be a great fit for Florida’s 21st district. Mast has clearly shown his pro-Zionist colors by his previous service for the IDF and his unflinching support for a parasitic state such as Israel. 

Here’s to Wiles following through with this idea. The US Congress needs less Israel First politicians, and more America First politicians instead.

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