Tucker Carlson and Thomas Massie Blast Democratic Gun Grabs

As Democrats debate new measures to disarm lawful citizens, Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently made waves by bashing Congress’s out-of-touch proposals. 

Carlson noted that the legislation being discussed “would outlaw most firearms in this country” and also “ban the sale of firearms to anyone under 21.”

The funny part is, as Carlson pointed out, that the gun control packages being debated by Democrats is “backed by a party that wants to lower the voting age to 16 and keep the draft age at 18 so you can vote you can go get killed in another neocon war but you can’t buy a gun in your own country.”

Carlson played a clip of Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie slapping down New York Congressman Jerry Nadler on June 2, 2022.

Nadler made the argument that 18-year-olds “whose brains aren’t fully formed” should be eligible for the military draft and be able to voluntarily join the military, but should be prohibited from owning a firearm.

“We recognize different ages for different purposes. We recognize 18 for the draft. We recognize 16 for driving in some states. We recognize 21 for drinking. So, we recognize different ages for different purposes. That’s all I wanted to say,” Nadler declared during a gun policy hearing.

Massie then asked Nadler if he would be receptive to backing legislation to raise the military draft age to 21.

Nadler responded to Massie’s question by saying “No.”  

“But the chairman feels that their brains aren’t fully formed at 18, 19, and 20?” Massie added.

“The research does indicate that,” Nadler said in response to Massie’s follow-up question. “But the selective service needs – I mean, if the country needs people it needs people.”

“Needs people whose brains aren’t fully formed?” Massie then asked.

“In certain respects, yes,” Nadler said in response.

During the hearing, Nadler made the assertion that there is a “massive body of research that shows that 18 through 20-year-olds, having not completed the maturation of parts of their brains, are far more likely to engage in violence than people older than that.”

Massie took Nadler’s argument at face value and then asked why the US government allows 18-year-olds “to make the decision to go fight for their country.”

“I’d like to just summarize what we’re doing here today and what’s going on, because this is the last amendment to a series of six bills. Republicans through the course of eight, or nine, or 10 amendments, we’ve done triage trying to save the constitution in the face of six bills that exhibit callous and wanton disregard for the constitution,” Massie stated.

“But also callous disregard for the safety of American citizens. What have we seen today throughout these amendments? Well, Republicans tried to defend due process, Democrats said no thanks. Republicans tried to establish what the Supreme Court has already established, that this is an individual right to keep and bear arms,” he added. “Democrats don’t even want people who need guns, who could use guns for their self-protection to have them. They just don’t want any guns anywhere.”

“They would like to repeal the Second Amendment,” Massie asserted.

Massie called attention to how he and his pro-Second Amendment colleagues have tried to defend the rights of domestic violence victims and military families.

“We’ve heard them be insulted here that their brains aren’t fully developed, but yet we need them, we need to be able to conscript them into service of our country to defend a constitution that’s being shredded here today and whose rights they will not be able to enjoy because some here have decided that although their brains aren’t fully formed, they’ve decided that they can go fight for us,” Massie stated.  

It’s amusing how politicians will enthusiastically push for civilian disarmament while having America’s young to be sent into dangerous conflicts abroad.  

We must come to grips with this reality: Globalist elites in the US don’t care about the livelihoods and traditions of Middle Americans. They’re nothing more than pawns and cannon fodder for their globalist agenda. In a post-national political context, traditional liberties like the Second Amendment are an afterthought, while politically alien concepts such as perpetual war become the norm. 

Ultimately, arguments won’t defeat these people. It’s going to take a concerted effort by voters and grassroots organizations to put this parasitic political class in its place both at the polls and in the court of public opinion. 

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