Tucker Carlson Breaks Down OnlyFans’ Business Model of Exploitation

Tucker Carlson condemned the exploitation of the nation’s youth through online pornography companies in the midst of the coronavirus shutdown, pointing to porn company OnlyFans as a uniquely immoral example of digital pimping.

Watch Tucker’s condemnation of the gig pornography economy here:

When you have nothing left to sell, you sell your body. The people who broker that sale are called pimps. Healthy societies do not celebrate pimps. They put pimps in prison. And yet our pimps receive fawning profiles in daily newspapers.

Tucker pointed out that America’s mainstream entities such as the New York Times and Buzzfeed have largely cheered on OnlyFans as an innovative and empowering development of the 21st century gig economy, allowing a demographic of young women to monetize their bodies for profit online. However, the cultural elites cheering on the rise of OnlyFans have entirely ignored that the British company has exploited a population of women who are economically vulnerable in the era of the coronavirus recession, at times marketing use the platform to workers laid off from McDonalds and major American hotels.

Unfortunately, exploitative pornography platforms such as OnlyFans appear increasingly profitable, making it likely that the platforms will endure as lonely young men pour thousands of dollars into purchasing pornographic content in the absence of real-world intimacy.

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