Tucker Carlson Calls Out the Looney Left’s Anti-Meat Agenda

In a recent segment of Tucker Carlson Tonight, conservative commentator Tucker Carlson claimed that the Left is “highly neurotic about food.”

Carlson played clips of 2020 presidential candidates coming out in favor of reducing meat consumption to battle global warming during a climate change town hall meeting.

Kamala Harris voiced her support for changing dietary guidelines that would specifically result in the reduction of meat consumption.

Andrew Yang said reducing meat consumption is “good for the environment, it’s good for your health if you eat less meat. Certainly meat is an expensive thing to produce.”

Elizabeth Warren also gave her $.02, stating that “there are a lot of ways that we try to change our energy consumption … Some of it is with lightbulbs, some of it is on straws, some of it, dang, is on cheeseburgers, right?”

Carlson understands that what’s at stake in this discussion is control and a desire to disrupt the natural order of human behavior.

Catch that? Elizabeth Warren says you eat too many cheeseburgers. As if it’s any of her business. But that’s the thing: she actually thinks it is her business. They all think that. The activist left seeks to control everything you do, including what you put in your mouth. For the last few years, they’ve been pushing you to eat bugs. Remember this headline from The Washington Post: “Eating bugs can help the environment.” Or how about this one from the New York Times: “Why aren’t we eating more insects?” Bizarre. Why would they want you to eat insects? Because it’s repulsive and un-American, of course, and therefore, in the eyes of the left, it must be awesome. The more perverse and unnatural, the better. That’s always been their standard.

The so-called “War on Meat” is one theater of the political correctness wars being waged in America and throughout western countries. By linking meat consumption to global warming and even white privilege, meat-eating is one of the new targets for the activist Left. There goal is to disrupt natural human behavior and impose their PC vision on everyone.

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