Tucker Carlson Explains the Left’s Pathology: ‘Whatever They Say You’re Doing is Precisely What They’re Doing’

Fox News television host Tucker Carlson addressed the National Conservatism Conference in Washington D.C. last week where he talked about a wide-ranging host of topics during his free-flowing keynote address.

Carlson began by noting that he has learned a great deal over the past couple of years while hosting his Fox News show in prime time, after being the unexpected replacement for Bill O’Reilly who was forced out of his position amid sexual impropriety allegations.

He has learned that the worst threats against freedom of speech are coming from the private sector, which has been counter-intuitive to his training as a libertarian-leaning conservative growing up during the Cold War. He named Google in particular as a corporate entity that is much more dangerous to personal freedom than the federal government.

“Retrain your mind to acknowledge the things that are right in front of you, that are obvious,” Carlson urged his audience before mentioning that one of the upsides of Trump shocking presidential victory is that it has opened people’s minds to what was previously verboten.

“I really encourage myself to just try to look clearly at what is actually happening,” Carlson said. “The forces of lying have definitely increased, they have gotten louder anyway, it’s like everyone is lying, it’s all propaganda.”

“So disregard all of it, put your earphones on to white noise, and just look around, and who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?” Carlson asked.

Carlson noted that the shake-up that has ensued from Trump’s meteoric rise to the Oval Office has opened a window revealing the truth of how the swamp really operates.

“Whatever they say you’re doing is precisely what they’re doing,” Carlson said of the left-wing in the age of Trump, crediting ANTIFA’s violent tactics for helping him finally figure this out.

Carlson believes that constant false accusations of racism, the lack of tolerance for differing viewpoints, a quasi-religious belief in political correctness, and an open embrace of violence against their enemies defines the modern Left, and those on the Right must accept the cold reality about the nature of their opponents.

“You can imagine they’re just like you, but they’re not, so keep that in mind,” Carlson said before he began taking questions from the audience.

During the question-and-answer session, Carlson urged everyone to think about what binds the U.S. together as a nation, and what needs to be done to preserve basic unity in order to prevent a collapse of society. He also delved into the leftist pathology further, and expounded on the magnitude of their deceit.

“The dishonesty is so aggressive that it really makes you doubt yourself. It’s deep, actually, and terrifying, and totalitarian, really, because it doesn’t have any basis in reality at all, and that’s why it’s so effective, anyway, and that’s why they can say diversity is our strength,” Carlson explained.

Carlson did not give a message of hope, and mentioned that victory is far from a certainty. He is especially pessimistic because of how big business is behind leftist social engineering as a profit-maximization scheme, with the Left controlling the vast majority of institutional power and using it as a weapon against their enemies.

“The whole notion of the family is inconvenient to them,” Carlson said, referring to big business and corporate America, “and they behave as if it is, and we ought to push back aggressively in their face immediately.”

“Anything that is a threat to your children ought to make you so mad that you swing first and ask questions later,” Carlson added.

Carlson concluded his speech with an assertion that the biggest problem plaguing the United States is the tendency to ignore a problem and then to drastically overreact once finally acknowledging the problem exists.

“As people start to understand that actually, ya know, we need a Teddy Roosevelt moment, clearly, like, the sugar trust is too big, honestly, let’s take it apart, ya know, that’s going to be rife for all kinds of abuses,” Carlson said.

“In a reaction against libertarianism, we are going to make the DMV a lot bigger, and probably give them guns, and that’s bad. But there’s kind of no getting around it,” Carlson added.

“It’s like adjusting a shower – too hot, too cold – just keep working on it!” he said in his final remark to the conference.

The entire speech can be seen here:

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