Tucker Carlson Exposes H1B Visa Program’s Devastating Effect on American Tech Workers

Tucker Carlson broke down the devastating effects of the H1B visa programs upon American workers in a segment on his show Wednesday night. Tucker profiled anonymous AT&T workers who were forced out of their careers in ignominious fashion, made to train their cheaper foreign replacements before being fired by the global telecommunications company.

In the segment, Sarah Blackwell-an employment lawyer who specializes in defending American workers displaced by the cheap labor program- explains the consistent corporate tactic deployed by multinational corporations such as AT&T. American workers accustomed to living wages and benefits are browbeated into training their foreign replacements, most commonly being pushed to work for Indian outsourcing firms such as Accenture. When the skilled tech workers have imparted their knowledge and craft to the low-wage visa workers, they’re unceremoniously canned, even after having spent decades working for their companies.

Additional footage from Tucker’s investigation displayed the shamelessness of rapacious corporate interests that seek to replace their previously American-staffed workforces as soon as possible.

Indian workers are the beneficiaries of tens of thousands of worker visas every single year under the H1B program.

A new wave of skepticism is being directed at the H1B cheap labor program in an era where its chief proponents believe they need even more corporate giveaways to boost their profit margins. America Last Senator Mike Lee is currently spearheading an effort to remove national caps on green card application approvals. The bill, S386, is aggressively backed by corporate outsourcing interests. Lee’s change to the system would essentially enable Indian nationals to monopolize annual green card admissions, that are currently distributed across a diverse pool of applicants from countries all over the world.

America’s wealthiest and most profitable companies have no intention of employing a workforce that earns decent middle-class wages and benefits, especially when globalist programs such as the H1B visa giveaway give them the option of employing compliant and essentially indentured foreign labor.


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