Tucker Carlson LIGHTS UP Stooge Senator Mumbai Mike Lee for Big Tech Cheap Labor Giveaway

Tucker Carlson took down Utah Senator Mike Lee in a blistering monologue on his Thursday night show. Lee spearheaded a cheap labor provision to eliminate per-country caps on annual H-1B visa green cards through the Senate earlier this week, effectively monopolizing the H-1B system for nationals of large countries such as India. Big tech monopolies such as Apple, Google, and Facebook have aggressively lobbied what Lee called the “Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act,” seeking to replace their American workforce with a new supply of cheaper and compliant foreign labor.

“It will give them the bulk of all employment-based green cards- up to 90%. What will that do to you and your kids? Let’s say you would like your kids to graduate from college, with all the debt they have, and get a high paying job in technology? Much less likely now. That job is going to go to someone from another country.

Tucker also called out Republican Kevin Cramer, who served as Lee’s point man in jamming through the cheap labor provision in the Senate.

This is all unfolding at a time when we have the highest unemployment rate since you’ve lived in this country… And yet the United States Senate-led by the Republicans- has made it easier for foreigners to take high paying jobs. White collar jobs. The jobs you actually want your kids to have. If Silicon Valley gets its way, it’ll be the first and last immigration bill this administration signs off on. Hope it isn’t. And you should remember who did it. Mike Lee.”

The bill is expected to receive approval in the House. It will fall upon President Trump to veto the Big Tech globalist immigration bill.

These business Republicans are prioritizing a Silicon Valley visa worker giveaway as millions of Americans face unemployment in the coronavirus economy. It’s no coincidence that Big Tech’s cheap labor operative has earned the moniker of “Mumbai Mike.”

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