Tucker Carlson Praises Hungary’s Effort to Raise National Birthrates

Tucker Carlson brought attention to Hungary’s revolutionary natalist policies in his opening segment on Monday night, suggesting the central European nation’s drive to raise birthrates could prove effective in other western nations struggling with dismal fertility rates.

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, is a nationalist conservative widely detested by neoliberal and globalist European Union bureaucrats for his patriotic policies against mass immigration. He’s found himself on the receiving end of a propaganda campaign orchestrated by George Soros, that ultimately proved a failure when the globalist oligarch was forced to move the headquarters of his front group from Budapest to Berlin.

As Prime Minister, Orban has instituted innovative policies intended to reverse Hungary’s demographic decline by encouraging Hungarians to have more children. The natalist policy package, which includes full exemptions from income tax for Hungarian families that have more than three children, has shown promise, fueling an improvement in Hungary’s birth rate from a dismal 1.25 in 2010 to an improved 1.45 today.

Hungary’s pro-family policies also offer a genuine alternative to mass immigration, the predictable and empty solution to declining national populations advocated by progressives and liberals. Orban’s natalist policies are intended to create a future in which Hungarians fill the nation’s cities, towns and workforce, instead of relying on importing replacements with uncertain consequences.

Hungary’s leaders actually care about making sure their own people thrive. Instead of promising the nation’s wealth to every illegal immigrant from the third world, they’re using tax dollars to uplift their own people.”

Watch the segment here:

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