Tucker Props Up Chris Rufo’s Investigation Into The National Teachers Union’s ‘LGBTQ+ Caucus’

Christopher F. Rufo is doing the Lord’s work by exposing the country’s largest teachers’ union. 

Per his reporting, the national teachers union has created an “LGBTQ+ Caucus” that promotes a how-to guide for some unspeakable topics such as “anal sex,” “bondage,” “rimming,” “domination,” “sadomasochism,” “muffing,” and “fisting.”

In Rufo’s lengthy and highly detailed Twitter thread from September 21st, American public schools have gone off the rails. As they are promoting LGBTQ progressive themes onto minors that many parents aren’t even aware of.

Tucker Carlson picked up this story on Friday, and slammed the teachers union for its latest progressive indoctrination guide. 


“As I told @TuckerCarlson,” Rufo shared on Twitter. “The NEA is mainlining queer theory into the public schools and promoting a how-to guide on “fisting” for children. Queer theorists believe that transgressive sex is a method of liberation—and have long sought to legalize adult-child sexual relationships.”

Rufo put it plainly: The “queer theory” movement is meant to normalize adult-child sex.

More from the Tucker Carlson episode:

This SHOULD be a crime. And government employee who talks about these things with kids should be immediately fired. But that’s not what’s happening.

This is the teachers’ union official ideology. They’ve taken the principles of radical gender theory from the universities and now they’re mainlining it into the K-12 system without parents’ consent, without parents’ knowledge.

In short: Rufo has not only exposed these adult topics that are being deliberately pushed onto innocent minors. But he has also explained the academic roots of this movement.

Public schools are doing more than teaching about left-wing, unspeakable concepts such as “fisting.” They are also gearing employees to normalize the sexulation of children. 

A long-term plan that is unveiling right in front of our eyes.

It is evil, and it is intentional. And more parents ought to be aware of its reach.

“The NEA is the largest teachers union in the country, representing more than 3 million public school teachers in all 14,000 local school districts,” Rufo explained last week. 

“And they’re actively promoting resources for ‘putting a fist or whole hand into a person’s vagina or bum,’” he added. “Disgraceful.”

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