Tucker Carlson Roasts Robert Mugabe After Zimbabwe Dictator’s Death

Tucker Carlson put the United States ambassador to Zimbabwe on blast Friday for his praise of the recently deceased strongman Robert Mugabe.

Carlson specifically criticized a “completely out of control” executive branch “run by bureaucrats who don’t care at all who was elected” after the ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian Nichols, lauded his legacy.

On Friday, September 6, 2019, Mugabe died in Singapore at the age of 95.

“Former Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe died today,” the Fox News host said on Friday night’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Carlson added, “He was 95 years old and hiding in Singapore when he died. Here is how the U.S. Embassy chose to commemorate the death of a dictator, and we are quoting, ‘The United States extends its condolences to the Mugabe family and the people of Zimbabwe as they mourn the passing of former President Robert Mugabe. We join the world in reflecting on his legacy in securing Zimbabwe’s independence.’”

Originally, the tweet from the U.S. Embassy in Harare praised Mugabe, but was soon taken down after it received considerable backlash from right-wingers.


Mugabe’s 37-year reign was characterized by economic instability and human rights abuses.

In many ways, Zimbabwe served as a predecessor to Venezuela’s economic collapse, in which inflation and private property confiscations brought both countries to their heels.

“It’s hard to believe that’s real, but it is real,” Carlson continued in his criticism of Mugabe. “Apparently the U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe signed off on it. He should be recalled for that. Meanwhile back in Washington, the State Department released a statement praising Mugabe for, and we’re quoting, ‘liberating Zimbabwe’ This is when you know the executive branch of government is completely out of control, that it’s being run by bureaucrats who don’t care at all who was elected, who are acting out of their left wing agendas without any restraint whatsoever.”

The Fox News host described Mugabe as “such a bad leader that no normal person could look at him and say we need to mourn his passing. Not one person.”

“The only words in response to his death would be good riddance,” he stated.

Carlson concluded, “He wrecked that country. He took control of one of the richest countries in southern Africa and reduced it to starvation. He made its currency as valuable as wallpaper. He literally committed genocide against an ethic group almost as soon as he was elected in 1980. Roberts Mugabe didn’t liberate his nation, he destroyed it, and only the U.S. State Department doesn’t understand that. Somebody ought to get to the bottom of who sent those tweets out.”

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