Tucker Carlson: The Biden Family Is Selling Out America To China

Tucker Carlson devoted his Monday night opening monologue to calling out Joe Biden and his inter-workings with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Fox News host explained that the CCP is likely “very happy” with the President of the free world for his shady business dealings with the Chinese government. Citing widely underreported bombshell evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“This is one corrupt system the Biden’s sit at the top of,” Carlson would later say.

One of the examples Carlson used to showcase the President and his repeated lies about business dealings with China was a voicemail left for Hunter Biden. “Joe Biden has said on the record repeatedly that he had no knowledge of his son’s business dealings with China,” the host said. “That proves that Joe Biden was lying,” – WATCH:

As Carlson would later emphasize, Americans must understand that the reason mainstream media outlets are refusing to cover such a smoking gun story about its nation’s compromised leadership has more to do with China’s influence than Hunter Biden.

It’s why big tech and other powerful left-wing institutions care far more about keeping China pleased and Joe Biden in office than pursuing truth. And it’s why they were willing to not only suppress the “laptop from hell” ahead of the 2020 election but also gaslight Americans for listening to their own lying eyes and ears and buying into the ultimate “right-wing conspiracy theory” of the time.

Carlson particularly voiced frustrations on his show with the media’s involvement in attempting to make this story go away. Then he argued that the Biden family’s business dealings are “almost exactly what they accused the Trumps of doing, except in the case of the Biden’s they really were getting rich from a foreign power that means us harm” – WATCH:

Fortunately, as Carlson highlighted, this story of collusion and betrayal doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

In case you missed it, Hunter Biden’s iPhone backup data was allegedly hacked by 4chan users and posted publicly onto the online forum. This means the contents will be circulating the internet forever – despite mainstream platforms doing all they can to censor.

Even though 4chan site administrators rushed to take down and or archive the posts, as the Post Millennial reported, many posts on the site remain.

“4chan has already created torrents for the Hunter Biden iPhone and iCloud backups and are now seeding them. That means even if 4chan gets shut down the copies will still be out there,” Jack Posobiec, host of the Human Events Daily podcast, wrote on Twitter.

Carlson mentioned this 4chan saga on his show, then explained that the reason Hunter Biden’s contents had to be leaked there (and not someplace like Twitter) is that other mainstream platforms have heavily monitored this topic since the beginning. They will not let you talk about it freely often citing “disinformation.”

All in all, upsetting China is too big of a risk that no one wants to take. So they cowardly turn a blind eye and gaslight anyone who draws attention to the Biden family’s inter-workings with the CCP.

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