TUCKER: ‘In 2020 The Stasi Are Chirpy!’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently took time on his show to discuss developments in the ‘Canadian Freedom Convoy.’ The movement has grown in strength since its inception, causing the increasingly desperate Canadian government to invoke emergency powers as part of a draconian attempt to quash dissent. Tucker played clips during the segment that highlighted many of the nation’s developments during these protests, including one featuring a Canadian police officer who showed up at a citizen’s house uninvited in order to lecture her on what constitutes a “peaceful protest.” The officer was by her own admission spying on the citizen, suggesting she read her comments in a pro-convoy Facebook group.

A transcript and video of the interaction have been provided below:

POLICE OFFICER: This is just some information about peaceful protests. That’s all it is.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Okay, so you saw something on my Facebook?

POLICE OFFICER: No, on the Facebook group.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, the Ontario Provincial Police are watching what people are doing on Facebook in different groups, whether or not they’re commenting, participating, liking, and you guys are now doing service calls to give people information about peaceful protests.

POLICE OFFICER: It’s just a proactive measure to make sure you understand your right to go to a peaceful protests.

Fox News

“It is so great,” Tucker joked after the end of the clip. “In 2020, the Stasi are chirpy! We are here as a proactive measure to inform you of your rights, not because we’ve been spying on your social media.”

Canada’s government has continued dial-up its efforts against free expression as time goes on. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked emergency powers Monday in an extreme effort to stop working-class-led protests amid the largely successful Canadian freedom convoy. This recent announcement by Trudeau deems the protest illegal, invoking an exercise of power not seen since the 1970s; it was back then a previous version of the order called “The War Measures Act” was enacted as a reaction to a militant movement in Quebec.

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