Tucker Speaks: A Hot War With Russia is Around the Corner

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson believes that if legal machinations against former President Donald Trump are unsuccessful, the United States’s ruling class could try to assassinate him and even kick off a direct military conflict with Russia. 

Such moves would consolidate the regime’s power over the general populace. 

“No one will say that but I don’t know how you can’t reach that conclusion. Do you know what I mean? They have decided, permanent Washington and both parties, have decided that there’s something about Trump that’s so threatening to them, they just can’t have it,” Carlson declared on the Adam Carolla show.

“If you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, now you go to indictment, and none of them work, what’s next? Graph it out, man. We are speeding towards assassination, obviously,” he added.

“Once you start indicting your political opponents, you know that you have to win or else they’re going to indict you if they win. So they can’t lose. They will do anything to win. So how do they do that? They’re not going to do Covid again, I know everyone on the right is afraid they’re going to do Covid and mask mandates — they can’t do that. They’re already been exposed. That won’t work,” Trump continued sounding off. “What are they going to do? They’re going to go to war with Russia is what they’re going to do. There will be a hot war between the United States and Russia in this next year.”

 Carlson stressed that World War II could be around the corner, “I think we could Tonkin Gulf our way into it where all of a sudden missiles land in Poland and ‘the Russians did it’ and we’re going to war. I could see that happening very easily.”

Carlson then called on the Republican-controlled House to stop pursuing measures to wind down the conflict in Ukraine, contending that nuclear disaster could very much be around the corner.

Tucker’s firing from Fox News is still a devastating blow. As the sole voice of reason on that network, Tucker was a principled voice of foreign policy realism and immigration patriotism. The former Fox host knows what’s at stake here. 

In addition, he understands the absolute hatred the establishment has towards Trump, which is fanatic in nature. One could not put it past the establishment trying to whack Trump. Moreover, the establishment is incredibly war-hungry and will use bellicose behavior abroad to justify crackdowns at home. 

For the US to become a normal polity, it will need an outside political force — America First nationalists in this case — to take power and the government of these subversives.

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