Turkey Calls for Lifting Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela

Turkey recently called on the international community to lift sanctions on Iran and Venezuela while the world is subjected to a massive energy crisis. This crisis has largely been brought about by the West’s anti oil and gas policies in addition to the geoeconomic shocks that came after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The latter has been heightened by the Collective West’s vigorous sanctions campaign against Russian energy,

“The entire world needs Venezuela’s oil and natural gas… On the other side, there is an embargo on the Iranian oil,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu declared on October 28, 2022 at a press conference in the Turkish province of Mersin. 

“Remove these sanctions… if you want the prices to drop, remove the embargoes on the countries that will offer their products to the market,” he continued.

“You cannot solve the problem by threatening a country,” Cavusoglu stated.

Iran has been heavily sanctioned since it was able to pull off the Islamic Revolution 1979 and has remained a pariah for the most part on the international stage.

On Venezuela’s part, it has taken a largely anti-American stance since the late Hugo Chavez took power in 1999. Under his successor’s, Nicolás Maduro, watch, Venezuela has increasingly aligned itself with the Eurasian axis of China, Iran, and Russia — a move that has alarmed Washington. Over the last few years, the US has imposed sanctions on Venezuela in order to punish it for its authoritarian turn and willingness to further consort with he Eurasian axis.

While Turkey is in NATO, it has pursued a relatively independent foreign policy that often angers the Western political elites.

Turkey is no fluffy teddy bear but one must admire its dedication to pursuing its national interest.

In the era of multipolarity many US allies like Turkey will begin hedging and start adopting multi-vector foreign policies that play the Eurasian powers against the Collective West.

The geopolitics of yore have clearly exited the building. 

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