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Turning Point Bobblehead Leader Tries to Shame Japan for Its Immigration Restriction



Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk has had his record of mass migration boosting placed under the microscope ever since America First advocates rose up against Conservatism Inc. late in 2019.

Now, a Twitter user with the handle of @ChiefTrumpster is exposing more of Kirk’s mass migration fanaticism in a podcast episode he did on his own show on August 14, 2019. (For reference, at 57:23 is when Kirk starts talking about immigration.)

In this talk, he specifically shamed the country of Japan for its restrictive immigration policies.

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Kirk criticized Japan for only accepting 26 refugees in 2016. He also criticized the Land of the Rising Sun for accepting 3 refugees in the first half of 2017.  He signaled that he doesn’t support “this strict of refugee resettlement.”

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The leader of TPUSA called attention to the fact that only two percent of Japan’s population is foreign born. In the Conservatism Inc. gatekeeper’s view, “This actually is an example of a really, really bad immigration policy.”

Kirk also mentioned that Japan has one of the worst debt to GDP ratios in the entire world.  He argues that “an upstart entrepreneurial focused immigrant community could have really helped Japan.” He gushed over how America does more refugee resettlement than the rest of the world. Specifically, how the U.S. takes in “60% of the world’s refugees.”



The Japan question is interesting.

Unlike most of Europe, North America, New Zealand, and Australia, Japan and its East Asian industrialized counterparts have not bought into the mass migration hype.

Despite this, Japan is still one of the biggest economic juggernauts in the world and is leading the way in certain fields such as robotics.

Indeed, the country does have economic problems thanks to the wacky Keynesian economic policies its elites have adopted since American forces occupied the country after it got blown to pieces during World War II. Since then, the country has undermined itself by adopting big spending programs and loose monetary policies — which are in fashion with degenerate, globalist elites in the West.

Japan has imported some of these harebrained schemes.

Nevertheless, its culture has remained very strong and has rejected the post-1960s Western consensus of mass migration. Japan has historically been known for its high trust society which stresses discipline and austerity both in economic and social matters.

It’s no shock why the country enjoys having flagship companies like Toyota and Sony, while having some of the lowest crime rates in the world. You never hear about racial conflicts or massive crime waves taking place in Japan. That is what happens when a country works to preserve its culture while adopting the best practices that made the West dominant.

More fundamental, countries can recover from economic downturns and reassert themselves on the international stage. Similarly, low birthrates are a cyclical development that eventually correct themselves over time after policy tweaks made and cultural norms change.

However, a demographic displacement caused via mass migration could fundamentally alter a nation and possibly upend the culture if the host population is not willing to assert its interests in the face of these migratory waves. Once this occurs, the historic nation in question disappears into the ether. If Japan were to fall for the Siren Song of mass migration, historians will be talking about the “Lost Tribes of Japan” centuries from now. The West could be facing this kind of scenario if it doesn’t implement immigration restriction within the next few decades.

In sum, Kirk has a transactional view of the nation state, which doesn’t take into account how certain migrant groups exercise in-group preferences and come from countries that hold political traditions that clash with their new country of residence. These habits don’t just go away overnight, above all, when continuous waves of migration encourage the creation of ethnic ghettos that end up looking like these migrants’ countries of origin.

Countries simply cannot operate like shopping malls.

And Charlie Kirk would be wise to recognize that.

Big League Guns

Merrick Garland Suggests that Getting Rid of Lawsuit Protections is Not a Second Amendment Violation

Garland as AG will be a disaster for the right to bear arms.



If Merrick Garland is nominated as Attorney General, the Second Amendment is in big trouble.

Based on his comments at a Senate hearing on February 22, 2021, Garland made a suggestion that the repeal of lawsuit protections for gun manufacturers is not unconstitutional. 

AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News reminded his readers that President Joe Biden campaigned on a platform of repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which shielded lawful gun manufacturers from lawsuits.

In a previous Breitbart News report, Biden spoke at an MSNBC forum in 2019 alongside gun control organizations such as March for Our Lives where he expressed his support for gun manufacturers to be subject to lawsuits.

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At the speech, Biden suggested that the PLCC be repealed. He declared, “No other outfit in history has gotten this kind of protection” and asserted that the legal actions would bring about “change overnight.”

In a subsequent occasion on February 7, 2020, Breitbart News covered Biden’s remarks to a New Hampshire crowd, in which he stated that it was a “mistake” to shield firearms manufacturers from lawsuits. He continued, “The first thing I’m going to do as president is work to get rid of that.” 

Later that month, Breitbart News recalled how Biden called out gun manufacturers at a South Carolina rally and boasted, “I’m going to take you down.”

According to a report by The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah Senator Mike Lee asked Garland about his views on removing protections for gun manufacturers. Garland responded, “I have not thought myself deeply about this. I don’t think it raises a Second Amendment issue.”

When he was questioned if he is in favor of Biden’s plans to ban so-called “assault weapons”, Garland responded, “Where there is room under the law for the president’s policies to be pursued, then I think the president is entitled to pursue them.”

Biden’s track record as a gun control proponent is well-documented. From his support of gun-free zones at schools to the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, Biden is Gun Control Inc.’s guy. With Democrats in control of the House and the Senate, there will most certainly be attempts to ram gun control down our throats. If they can’t beat us legislatively, they will most certainly use the courts to undermine the Second Amendment. Pro-gun organizations should be ready to lawyer up and use whatever means possible to keep courts from destroying our rights.

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