Twitter BANS Proud Boys’ Chairman, Keeps Antifa Doxxing Accounts Live

Chairman of the Proud Boys fraternal organization Enrique Tarrio has been permanently suspended from Twitter following a Daily Beast report detailing his efforts to get Antifa doxxing accounts suspended.

Doxxing is the act of releasing personal information about somebody online, generally to open them up to harassment, and personal harm.

One account in particular, @AntiFashGordon, who has over 10,000 followers is well known for doxxing individuals. Among his followers are left-wing reporters like the Daily Beast‘s Kelly Weill, who wrote the aforementioned article. Along with following the doxxing account, Weill also regularly interacts with the account, who often has glowing words of support for Weill.

He self describes as being a part of Antifa, which the Department of Homeland Security considers a domestic terrorist organization.

In the bio of his Twitter profile, he describes his purpose, stating: “I expose fascists, get them fired, de-homed, kicked out of school, etc.” While he claims to be targeting fascists, he has continually targeted run of the mill Trump supporters, and conservatives.

By “expose fascists,” he is talking about the act of doxxing, which is against Twitter’s rules. Just proving that point further, his former Twitter handle, prior to a name change was @DoxSavage.

@AntiFashGordon has been reported many times for their doxxing, according to Tarrio, who claims to have been given notice from Twitter of the account violating the rules on multiple occasions.

In a recent episode of the Joe Rogan experience featuring journalist Tim Pool, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and Twitter’s global lead for legal, policy, and trust and safety, Vijaya Gadde. the steps for permanently suspending an account are laid out.

In the case of figures like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos, a three step process is described, where the account gets three warnings before a permanent suspension. But in the case of this doxxing account, there appear to have been more than three occasions of Twitter stating that they have violated the rules.

Later in the podcast, Pool also describes directly to Gadde and Dorsey how Twitter refuses to take serious action against Antifa. And while Gadde, who is in charge of the team overseeing suspensions on the platform, agrees that there is concern with Antifa, the platform still refuses to take action in situations like this, instead going after an account attempting to shut down these doxxing campaigns.




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